5 Tips For Compiling and Finding Them Quickly

The most important thing in an establishment is the product and time needed to serve customers. If to attend to a client we must make him wait longer than usual due to administrative disruptions caused by incorrect coding and classification of articles, customers will be angry. How to code well? This is the main question! Otherwise they will show their anger by not returning to the hardware store. What happens to a large percentage of commercial companies in our country? That administrative tasks that are in accordance with the correct coding basics and order are not carried out, not only with the accuracy they deserve, but also not done in any way.

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The lack of Decalogue and regulations for codifying articles and categorizing them correctly results in problems when we need to do a search, because products are not ordered with logic and coherence to be found quickly and by all hardware store employees.

This series of nonsense creates a very serious control problem and one of the most visible and subtle is the waiting time that customers must suffer because of poor code and disruption of product administration. There are many tips on how to code and recommendations for correct coding and then I specify the five most important ones.

1.) Establish a standard format:

Required to have a format, which can be in any database or even in an Excel sheet, where the data needed for article search appears, in the product list. First, the internal code that you want to provide, the EAN code that originally had the product, the description of the article with a number of words or limited space to collect descriptions, measurements, colors, final results, suppliers, packing units, shipping units, prices, discounts, atypical discounts, Shipping costs are paid for certain orders, etc. All of this data is a suggestion, because each company has special needs for its type of business (hardware, industrial supplies, etc.) and also for the types of customers (private, industrial, professional, etc.). This information facilitates the location of the product before requests from clients or questions that must be resolved.

2.) EAN Code:

This coding basics system is one of the most extensive and is used in all sectors, both industrial and commercial, because it facilitates the control and management of all products and brings together products, suppliers, etc. By using a single code. They are unique references and, in addition, they are interpreted by readers who recognize the EAN code correctly and that shows prices for cash payments, generation of purchase orders, statistics of all types, etc. It is important to know how to code, use this code as a product reference, incidentally, on many occasions, the same item is supplied by several suppliers, but with the right code we can distinguish who the supplier is and the specific sales it produces.

3.) Dedicate the time needed for coding and height:

Lack of human resources and time is common in all hardware stores. If we classify based on the interests given to each administrative job, we will check that the coding and registration of the correct articles are only specified a little time and in any way. You have to think that all the bad things we did in this process, are what we will find later, with delays in the cashier area when customers pay for mismatches between products and prices, etc. The task of having the correct classification based on family, code basics, etc., must be constant and precise.

4.) Tools and programs for correct registration and codification applications:

We must learn programming concepts and have a computer with basic commercial management software to include weapons articles and readers or codes that help us manage registrations, victims, inventory, etc. This work must be done every day and the computer system must be updated at the same time when registration or coding is done. We need such a coding guide for beginners to make sure we know how to code. We need the writing code knowledge!

5.) Eliminate what is not working or not used:

It is good to store information and now you have the means to store thousands of data without problems. What happens is that the saturation of useless information slows down all systems. You must know how to code, what is needed for our day today and where and how we save it. Accumulation of data and more data just because you can have it is not feasible. Only 7% of the information we save on rates, catalogs, etc. This percentage shows us that the remaining 93% on average is over. The possibility of finding out quickly what we are looking for gives us peace of mind in our work and accelerates customer service. Indeed, we have to understand how to code well.

5 Tips For Compiling and Finding Them Quickly 1
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