Esports Chair Buying Guide: (Scientific) Features To Watch Out For Before Purchasing

Esports chairs are quickly becoming the new alternative to work chairs, whether for work-at-home or in-office purposes. 

This type of sitting apparatus, if we may be so bold to term it in the “technical”, is no longer confined to gaming. But regardless of whether you do want it for gaming or otherwise, See buying guides for esports chair and look for these must-have features that will make sitting down for long hours comfortable and spine-healthy. 

esports gaming chair

Esports Chair: Buying Guide 

1. Ergonomic Design 

We cannot but stress this further— the ergonomic structure of an esports chair is among the features that separate it from the rest. This is its distinctness— in “make” and in “efficiency”. Scientifically defined, “ergonomics” has to do with how the human body interacts and/or reacts to external elements. In this post’s context, chairs. 

Scout for chairs that follow the natural curve of your upper body, from the neck, shoulders, the spine, all the way down to your lower back. The seat should also have a slight ergonomic curve for the gluteus maximus and the biceps femoris (right above your upper thighs). 

2. Movement 

The best esports chairs allow a certain level of movement. It’s for this reason that ones with a swivel capacity and varying adjustment settings are preferable. Our bodies have a natural capability to be in motion and stability to aid in sitting comfort. Sitting stiffly for hours on end won’t do you any good. 

Moreover, be sure that the adjuster of an esports chair has a fairly secure locking mechanism. Through this, it will stay put where you set its adjustment on, whether you recline backwards or forward. 

3. Levelled Armrests 

The word “levelled” here means that the height of the armrest, along with the direction of its angle, should provide you with utmost ease. Experts say that it has to be bent as close to a 90-degree angle as possible, with your elbows able to closely sit next to on either side of your waist. 

In parallel to this, a little padding is a green light. Cushions on armrests may let your arms, and in conjunction, your shoulders (more on this below) be relaxed as you type and/or game away. 

4. Lumbar Padding And/Or Pillow 

This speaks of the entire padding area wrapped around the metal frame of the chair’s back. The main parts of the back that necessitate cushioning are the following: the clavicle, scapula, and humerus (the back portion of your shoulders), the thoracic spine (mid-portion of the spine), tailbone, buttocks, biceps femoris, and the semitendinosus (mid-portion of the back of the thigh). 

It’s a mouthful, but improving the sitting ease on these various body parts are integral in order for you to avoid muscle and back pain

5. Extended Shoulder Rest 

Strained shoulders can easily affect the rest of your upper body and midsection. Have you noticed that when the space between your neck and shoulders (specifically the topmost region of the trapezius) hurt, you are altogether unable to sit properly and comfortably? 

There are innovative designs to a handful of today’s esports chairs that have extended shoulder rests. They extend out and towards the side delts (sides of shoulders) to lessen the likelihood of incurring pain around the same areas on your shoulders. 

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