3 Tools Any Construction Project Manager Needs To Improve Collaboration

One of the great things about being a construction project manager is that you always have your ear to the ground as to what new developments and innovations are taking place in the broader area of commercial and enterprise technology.

Web and mobile-based construction project management software has been quite effective in improving project ROI and workflow. Tablets and mobiles are becoming the go-to solutions for project managers and contractors.

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Combined with feature-rich apps and remote access, these tools allow for collaboration between the project manager, and other important personnel like builders, supervisors and engineers.

As a result, different individuals, with a vested interest in the same task, can collaborate to create contracts, blue prints, and other important documents in real-time. These are a few reasons why tech tools strengthen project management and communication. They speed up management efficiency, and lead to more successful projects.

So the important question: which tools should you be using to improve collaboration? Below are four tools construction project managers can use to increase the efficiency of communications:


This is an open-source project management and scheduling tool that is similar to Microsoft’s ‘Project’ in terms of complexity and offered features. Users can use this software to generate PERT and Gantt charts, reports in PDF and HTML format, and schedule as well as manage different tasks.

There is no limit to what this software can do. The platform enables users to create a structured schedule for any kind of construction project. It has features for milestone implementation and assignment of tasks. The open-source software also enables construction managers to identify problem areas so that they’re able to set goals for improvement.

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What’s the point of relying on slow VPNs and paper-based communications to collaborate and manage construction projects when there are mobile tools available? Procure enables you to give your entire team access to project data in real time from any location. The 24 hour accessibility increases collaboration and communication, escalating productivity and efficiency.

Procore also offers construction apps for Android and iOS devices. These apps allow team members to leave their desks and access project information with their mobile phones. In other words, it allows those unable to be present physically on a job site to virtually access the data of the job site in real time.

With these three tools, you’ll be able to deliver actionable project data to team members in the field, all in real time. You would also be able to assign RFIs from the job site, locate any subcontractor working on the project, and reject or approve submissions with the click of a button or swipe of a finger.


This is a robust web-based tool developed for custom construction project managers. Custom contractors can address the unique challenges faced by their companies using this tool. It helps managers coordinate their photos, schedules and selections while improving client relationships with more interactive and dynamic communications.

Access to the tool works through the contractor’s site. That is also the place from where members, clients, and subcontractors can access their portals to see tasks unique to their role, as well as track project budget and order changes, share files, enter roles, and cross-report on projects. All the data can be downloaded for recording and reporting at any time.

3 Tools Any Construction Project Manager Needs To Improve Collaboration 1
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