5 Email Marketing Best Practices in 2020

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Every business should have an email marketing strategy, as this is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your website and keep customers interested. It’s is an informative and appealing way to inform customers of sales and new products, or just to remind them your company is still around.  In 2019, 56% of traffic to websites came through email links. Here we look at five marketing best practices to use in 2020 for Ecommerce email marketing

Be Unique

Email marketing is popular, and your customers may be getting over 50 emails a day from different companies, meaning they simply aren’t going to click on an email if it doesn’t catch their attention immediately. A good tagline is all you need to pique a reader’s interest and draw them into opening your email. The key to great email blasts in 2020 is minimalistic styles, with appealing images and straight to the point emails. 

Have a Clear Purpose

If it isn’t obvious within a few seconds what an email is trying to tell you, chances are your audience will lose their focus and attention and close the email. You may want to use your email subject to let your readers know, or to hint at, what might be inside. Within the first few images and words, every reader should understand the purpose, so put yourself in your audience’s shoes. PieSync compares some of the best email marketing software available, which can help you to define a clear and consistent purpose throughout your email campaigns. 

Don’t Spam

People just don’t want their phones constantly going off with email after email. The best email marketers know that it only takes an email a week to make their customers aware of what is going on. Comprising important information into one email is a much better idea than sending out 3 or 4. By sending out too many emails, you will simply end up with more unsubscribes, which is not good for business. 

Be Cell Phone Friendly

Practically everyone has their own cell phone and most customers will view your email this way. If your emails aren’t compatible, you are going to lose business and lose customer interest. Cell phone compatibility includes not using images that are too big to load on small devices and making sure the length of any text or visuals will fit neatly on smaller screens.   

Stay Grammatically Correct

You will have fierce competition out there and so paying attention to every detail is key. If you send out emails that are grammatically incorrect, it looks unprofessional and customers often lose trust in a company that can’t be bothered to spellcheck their emails. Proofread all information before sending and be sure to get someone else to read it too. Tools such as Grammarly are handy for noticing any punctuation and grammatical errors that you may have overlooked. 

These email marketing best practices can help you stay on-trend and informative in 2020. Be clear with your messages and keep it simple. Customers want information quicker than ever before, meaning minimalism will get you noticed. 

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