10 Cooking Video Games That You Should Add in Your Gaming List Now

In this era of advanced technologies, video games have remained quite dominant in the majority of the population’s life. Many of you love watching Master Chef, right? Even some of you try or want to do such stuff but can’t. What if I say that you can be the Master chef of your own virtual kitchen. 


These games allow cooking food by providing all the essentials, managing customers and restaurants, even providing you with the knowledge about what are the necessary things that make the cafes, restaurants valuable or mostly visited. If you like cooking video games and want to explore some of the most famous games, then continue reading this article. 

So, lets the journey of the Master chef with these amazing and best cooking video games in the world listed below:

Top 10 Cooking Video Games:

The games that can make you feel like the Gordon Ramsey of your virtual workspace or kitchen are :

Cake Mania:

cake mania

Cake, that’s everyone’s favorite. Just like how it tastes, it is also fun to make. In the bakery, you are allowed to show all your creativity, so try out this game. The players will gain experience about the things that one should keep in mind while baking. 

In the series of this video game the player named Jill will have to complete the customers order correctly and do it on time. This will help them to gain money which can be used later for buying kitchen items like baking equipment, ingredients, oven etc.

Cooking Mama:

cooking mama

This is slightly different from the other cooking video games. Cooking Mama is a kind of stimulation where the player has to work on the command of Mama. The player has to use their phone’s touch screen for conducting the following tasks like chopping, slicing, mixing for creating a particular dish. The game presentation might seem cute, but it can come out as a challenging one. You will also be provided a certain time limit for completing the task. If it turns out satisfactory then the Mama will smile.

Cooking Dash:

cooking dash

The setup of this cooking game is much like the reality shows where you have to complete the dish within time limits. It basically tests the management skill of the participant. The primary stage of the game may seem like an easy-peasy one, but as you level up, the difficulties start increasing. This game has altogether five restaurants having their own specific dishes and there are upto 50 levels. 



This cooking game gives the perfect vibe of cooperation with team members. In a kitchen you will find four members focusing on their task for creating some unique and tasty food platters. In each level you will earn the credit of having some chefs in your kitchen, if you complete the work on time. The game is well detailed like the reality one. 

Cooking Madness:

cooking madness

It is one of the highly rated and most played games in the field of cooking video games. It is able to create excitement within the players by offering them the chance to practice their cooking skills as well as management skills too. By collecting key cards you can easily unlock the new restaurants. Besides all this, it has innumerable features that makes the games more exciting. I’ll recommend you to definitely check out this game if you like being a chef and want to experience their journey.

Order Up:

order up

If you have played the game named Cooking Mama, and want to try out something similar to that. Then, this is the perfect game for you. Instead of preparing according to the recipe it is more focused on the number of meals prepared. Along with this as the main motto, there are also a number of mini-games available that the player has to play like washing all the dishes or like keeping away the pests. This game is quite engaging, you must try out OrderUp

Cook, Serve, Delicious:

cook, delicious

This is one of the best cooking games but in order to install it you need to pay for it. It is a kind of stimulation game where the players have to work in their own way to own the five-star restaurant. If the player wants to earn fame then they can do other tasks like cleaning up the toilets, keeping the robbers away or dumping the trash. So you can see that the environment is based on real scenes that is what makes this game unique and compelling.

Dungeon Munchies:

dungeon munchies

This gaming platform is a bit different from the games mentioned above. But it has already reached its peak by the steam users. The game is designed in such a way that at first you have to hunt down the creatures and cook them. After the dish is prepared you can consume it which will result in addition of some other abilities within you. So, you have to keep in mind that the combination of food consumed by you will affect the game.

Cookie Clicker:

cookie clicker

Are you in search of the cooking video game that is best for PC? Well, this is the perfect one for you. In order to gain reward you just have to keep clicking the giant cookies. According to your click, your progress will be updated. You can even hire grandma for preparing cookies or can sow fields. 



Among the list of best cooking video games, Minecraft restaurant also holds its position. There is a list of cooking mods available in Minecraft which you can opt for. The highly recommended ones are the Cooking For Blockheads and Pam’s Harvest craft and the other available ones are Yummy, Maorfood, Pizzacraft, Lots of food etc. In the first one named Cooking For Blockheads, you’ll be provided the cookbook which you can use to find out all the essential ingredients in the dish while in Pam’s Harvest craft there are almost 270+ dishes as well as recipes.

Does Xbox have cooking games?

Yes, Xbox has some exciting cooking video games that you can try. These are Halo, Horizon 2, Master Chef Collection, Halo etc.

Will Cooking Simulator be on ps4?

Big Cheese Studio has finally made this game named Cooking Simulator available on PS4

 What are you waiting for? Go and check out all these fabulous cooking video game that will make you go crazy over it. If your friends or partners also like these kinds of games, share this blog with them, so that they can choose their favorite one too.

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