Mundu.Tv: Watch Live TV Channel On PC or Mobile

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Mundu live indian tv streamingWatching TV have been never so easy in these days. Are you missing TV in your office? Did you miss your favorite TV program? Worried about TV subscription charges?  Are you trying hard to get TV on the go on mobile? Then here is an alternative. Mundu TV is free application for both Window and Mac desktop PCs and Mobile phones. Mundu TV currently supports Symbian phones though apps for BlackBerry, iPhone and Android devices are yet to come. We will keep you updated with the upcoming features of this application.

Indian TV channels list

To get this application on mobile. Just send sms “TV” to 9212401234 and you’ll get Mundu TV on your mobile.

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How much does it cost?

mundu tv screenshot

You can enjoy watching live television instantly for 3 days once you’ve downloaded Mundu TV. After 3 days, you can register for an account and then you get to use this application completely free for a month. So thats cool right? And we don’t have any information on the monthly subscription charge of this service, as this is still on BETa label. But they are soon going to lauch it officially, We expect the prices likely to be around Rs. 49 per month for any four channels and Rs. 120 for unlimited number of channels. Anyway, we’ll update this information after it’s official lauch. So do bookmark us to stay updated. (by pressing CTRL + D)

How does it feels on Desktop?

I have personally tried Mundu TV on my PC, so here are some screenshots if you are curious about how it looks on screen.

mundu tv on desktop

Mundu.Tv on full screen, I was watching NDTV India while taking this screenshot.

mundu tv full screen

Please visit : for more details. We are not affiliated with or endorsed by Please donot contact us for support!

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