How To: Make Self Destructing Email

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Self Destruct

Electronic records lasts for like ever.Many times after sending a email you might have thought that you might not have send that mail. If you want it to never happen again you should definitely read this post .In the current e-mail system once the message has been send sender has no control over it. Receiver may duplicate your Email data,forward it and other things. If you want to protect this things and want control over your send Email’s you are reading the right post.

Self-destructing email are an electronic mail that vanishes or becomes unreadable after a certain length of time or sender can destruct the send email whenever he wants. They also help prevent printing, copying, forwarding, and saving of the sent email. There best feature is auto expire after a predefined interval.

You can also use these emails for tracking purposes i.e Self Destructing Email also let you know when was your email opened etc

How Do these Emails works?email
These Email works in numerous ways. Most common methods by which these emails work are :

1.BY providing message recipients one-time access to a secure Web page that contains your message.Recipients get an email containing a link to secure webpage and direct readers to the page with the message, which is accessible only once. After that, the message is deleted.

2.The way most of these emails seem to work is by replacing the plain text of your email with a graphic image of the text, which is stored at the Web site’s server rather than in the email message itself.The original message just contains a link to this image. So user can view the image only and sender can delete the image whenever he wants


Online Sites which provide these services:

There are numerous sites which provide such services. Some of the popular sites are :

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