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Hey folks, Metro UI HTML Template is a unique metro style theme for the website which is built with html, jquery and an animation library [No flash], it runs independently without any CMS. This template comes up with 6 colorful buttons and each button loads the respective pages without reloading the site.

For what kind of websites can I use this template?

You can use this template for personal and business sites, presentation, portfolio and self-introduction etc.

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Some Salient Features of Metro UI HTML Template

  • It is a simple, clean and colorful HTML template for Windows 8 lovers
  • Metro UI HTML Template is a cross-browser compatible theme, we have tested it in Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera and got the outstanding performance
  • It is a free template so you can use it in your projects, it would be appreciable if we get a Facebook like from you in back

How to Customize Metro UI HTML Template?

Customizing the Metro UI HTML Template is simple, just go through the steps below to change the button names as well as your website title.

  1. Open “index.html” in notepad
  2. Click on “Replace” from Edit menu [Ctrl+H]
  3. Replace “Metro UI Html Template” and “Company Title” with your website title
  4. Again follow the 2nd step and replace button names, for example if you want to replace “About us” then find and replace with your choice
  5. Finally add your website content in 1 to 6 html files provided in the same folder, 1 to 6 buttons displays 1 to 6 html content respectively. Isn’t it simple?

Some Screenshots of Metro UI HTML Template

Metro UI HTML Template Metro UI HTML Template 2 Metro UI HTML Template 3

Template Preview

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Do you want us to customize this template for you? Contact us. Image courtesy- Internet Inspired by Windows 8

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23 Responses to “Releasing MetroUI Free Template by”
  1. ilyas caramel

    can I change the credit link to your site in the footer to my own site?

    • The theme is offered for free, it would be great if you could thank us with a credit link..

  2. Please try now, I’ve updated the post with multiple download options.

  3. nara

    link is not working file not found

  4. tommy

    Hey, this isn’t working, can you renew the link

  5. Andrew

    hey dude the links broken get a 404 error when i go to download it :-(

  6. Hello friend, the link is out of service
    404 ERROR

  7. Please help me with the download link , i cant see it.

    • Richard, please enter your email id in the form and click on download now. The form is now working.

  8. stenly cicero

    hello guys.
    thx for publish this great web ui.
    how ever, i can’t get correctly result on my blackberry 0s7 (9930) device.
    the index page can’t render middle content that generate by jquery.

    need your advice please.

    TIA, stenly

    • Hi Stanly, you can write to shrinivas [@] and he would be glad to help.

  9. Can this template be used to add more than six tiles? great template so simple yet so effective.

  10. If its free then no doubt about that its gr8 template, good job Srinivas.

  11. thanks for sharing this awesome theme dude.. :D

  12. Thank you this is great template… :)

  13. I like it. But do it takes some money?

  14. very cool them this is SEO friendy and one header them?

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