Xiaomi Announced Its New 80W Fast Wireless Chargers

Xiaomi, the Chinese multinational electronics company, released its 80W fast wireless chargers and the technology behind the invention through a post on Weibo. Xiaomi acclaims that this new wireless charger beats all their wireless chargers. This 80W solution is able to charge a 4,000mAh battery up to 50 per cent full in 8 minutes. And charge it to full 100 per cent in just 19 minutes. The company has been working on this technology for quite some time and is pretty sure that this new innovation of wireless chargers is soon going to replace the wired charging technology. With every new iteration, the company has augmented the speed of charging and this 80W wireless charger is the best acclaimed in the series. 

Xiaomi Announced Its New 80W Fast Wireless Chargers 1

A modified Mi 10 Pro is asserted to be used in this 80W fast charging technology to demonstrate speedy charging. It trots out the phone charging from 0 to 10% in just 1 min. The next 10 to 50 % charging is displayed to be done in 8 minutes making it 100% in just 19 minutes. 

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 Xiaomi also publicized the 80W wireless charging in action backed with a modified Mi 10 Pro in a video on its YouTube channel. 

Xiaomi Announced Its New 80W Fast Wireless Chargers 2

Weibo, the Chinese micro-blogging website did not mention anything specific about the phones to be supporting this 80W wireless charger.  Xiaomi’s 3rd breakthrough in the line of wireless chargers is expected to bring a renaissance in the world of chargers. The post also showcased the modified Mi 10 Pro is placed on a stand with wireless charging.

Xiaomi had released its 40W wireless charging technology in March, this year. Further in May 2020, it launched the Mi 30W wireless chargers. 

August brought in the Mi 10 Ultra model backed with 50W wireless chargers by Xiaomi. Mi 10 Ultra also supported 120W fast wired charging.  Xiaomi also introduced its 55W wireless charging stand, in the same month. A similar design is said to be imbibed in the 80W fast chargers too. In September, Xiaomi added its new member 30W in the wireless charging power bank. 

The above video takes you to a tour to the various wireless chargers in the line of Xiaomi’s fast wireless chargers. Find the top models for your convenient charging here.

Xiaomi Announced Its New 80W Fast Wireless Chargers 5
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