WordPress Email Popup for Online Marketing Success

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    One of the proven ways of making money from an online business is to generate an email or subscription list. It seems that a majority of online marketing businesses and websites are using a popup on their homepage. But what exactly is a popup and why do people use this?


    WordPress Email Popup for Online Marketing Success 1

    Advantages of using a Popup

    • Increase your subscription and email list

    Every time a visitor views your website, the popup box appears giving them the option to enter your subscription list by entering personal information such as their email address. Using a popup gives you a platform of advertising without being too pushy. A subtle way of getting people to subscribe is by offering them a free eBook for example as a reward for entering their information.

    • Easy to install

    At first glance, some website owners might think that a popup requires some skillful programming. But this is exactly the opposite and all that’s needed is to unzip and upload it to your plugins directory at your WordPress folder. The next step would be to select a template along with some graphics if you’re planning to include a free eBook for example. Options also include an easy way of scheduling how often the popup appears.

    • Seamless  

    The effectiveness of your popup depends on how well you craft it. If executed properly it can help you improve your subscription list easily. Rather than directly asking your visitors to subscribe it skillfully gets them to subscribe without them noticing it.

    • Easy Email Integration

    You could use the popup application with any email provider. This strategy works well with email marketing allowing website owners to build their mailing list.

    Customizing your Popup

    • Templates

    There are 7 templates and 15 colors to choose from. Those who wish to use the popup could then supply the HTML code and text. It is important that you choose a template and color to complement your website. This makes it blend with your website’s overall appeal.

    • Scheduling

    One of the things that turn visitors off with pop-ups is the frequency of time they appear. Some website owners exaggerate the use of the pop-up by making them appear on almost every page clicked. Options include scheduling pop-ups to appear on a daily basis or whenever you choose.

    • Advanced customization features

    Those who wish a more personalized feel to their popup could create their own graphics to match their theme. For those with the technical know-how and basic Photoshop knowledge, PSD and templates come attached along with the unzipped files.


    There is no such thing as a sure fire way or foolproof way of increasing anybody’s subscription list. It would be a disservice to tell people that installing a popup could miraculously increase their email or subscription list. But even with the best methods available for improving traffic, success still lies in the execution of the technique and ultimately on your visitors hands.

    But dismissing the use of any strategy however farfetched or remote means missing on a marketing opportunity. An effective marketing strategy does not come from one but a combination of techniques.

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    1. Pop up is a way of campaigning. With the help of pop up we advertise our sites. Pop up is not a program or a application this is a small advertisement appears on any side for giving the information of your product on other sites to increase the popularity of your business but only for limited time period.At marketing point of view this is a bets way of promotion, So use WordPress Popup for best result.


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