WordPress for Business Websites: Important Tips, Pros & Cons

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    WordPress is great for blogging andhas recently been gaining popularity for business purposes. It offers many themesfor users, to develop business websites which can prove to be very useful.

    WordPress for Business Websites: Important Tips, Pros & Cons 1

    Tips on how to use WordPress for business:-

    Use pages and posts in the right way

    Pages and posts are quite different from each other and are treated differently by search engines. Do not make random posts all the time. Posts are good for information that is new or changing. But there are facts about your business that remain the same like your profile, history, contact information etc. Such facts should be placed on pages and not in form of posts.

    Select/ create the right theme

    There are many themes available for making business websites. Go through a number of such templates, in the business category, of template providing websites and choose the one that suits you best. Magazine templates can be helpful. Make sure not to use blog templates for your website.

    You can also create your own theme. You can use ideas to make your website look attractive. Do not follow layouts used in blogs; you can probably use grids and other layouts commonly used in websites.

    Comments on pages

    Do not enable comments on pages. However, some clients might want to keep the comments open on certain posts, so do confirm with the client on his requirements and act accordingly.


    Pros of using WordPress:-

    Quick and simple process

    The process is quick and simple. It takes only a few minutes to create the basic design and once WordPress is uploaded, the website begins to run.


    As the administrator is working, the client can supervise the live process over the internet.

    Helps client make changes

    WordPress allows the client himself to make minor changes, add information and updates independently. You can train the client to do so. This will not make you lose the client; in fact, it is most likely that the client will give you more jobs and recommendations in time.


    Cons of using WordPress:-

    Limitations in design

    When you create custom made designs for your website, you can enjoy the freedom that a readymade template will not provide you.

    Limitations in using graphics

    WordPress websites do not accommodate too many graphics needed to create a very flashy website required for certain businesses.

    To conclude: Use WordPress for websites that require constant updating. If your pages do not require updating regularly, then you can go ahead and make your own custommade website in the traditional manner. The choice based on the requirements of the client and you should help the client make the right choice.



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