How to Solve Windows 10 Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry High CPU Usage

Compatibility Telemetry

Many users have been tempted to switch off the Compatibility Telemetry in Microsoft Windows 10 due to its increased CPU usage. Before we get deep into the subject you must first understand what this is and why it is included in the Windows. It is a component for Windows versions 7, 8 and 10. 

This has been included to collect details relating to how the OS is working and pass it to Microsoft. It is safe and there is no need for concern about whether it will harm your PC in any way.

The executive file CompatTelRunner.exe helps to find out what the user experiences and helps Microsoft to correct problems Compatibility Telemetry regularly. The information sent from your computers is used for good purposes for improving performance. 

The program helps to check the Compatibility Telemetry when a new OS is being installed. When there is a system update this program will check if your files are compatible with the update. The issue that people face is that when scanning the files there is a high usage of the CPU.

The executive file was first launched in Windows 7 and 8.1. This file runs by default as the PC is switched on. But there is a provision for users to turn off CompatTelRunner at any time of their choice. Users cannot modify the file as it is a “read-only” file. You will not be given access if any effort is made to modify the file.

Why Do People Want to Stop Using the Compatibility Telemetry Service?

Nobody likes to experience slowdowns on their computer. It frustrates people when your PC doesn’t work as fast as it’s meant to be. Crashes are even more serious and this causes a big setback to your work. 

One of the reasons that are cited for stopping the Compatibility Telemetry service is that it gets the system pretty sluggish. Such issues are reported because the program uses much of the available space in Windows 10. This reason has been mentioned by many users in online forums. 

Privacy is a big issue with people today. With more and more incidents of data being misused, people have developed a fear of the breach of their privacy. The collection of information from your computers is tantamount to that. 

The diagnostic report collected by Windows is at four different levels. There are security, basic, enhanced and full levels. In each of these levels, the amount of data collected is different. But for those who don’t like any data to be collected, disabling the service is the best option.

Because of the speed issue and privacy, many people seek ways to stop it and given below are a few methods of how you can get it done. 

1. Using The Task Scheduler for Compatibility Telemetry:

Instead of deleting the CompatTelRunner.exe, you can just make the program disabled on your PC. Here are the ways to do this.

1.     You must first launch the “run” program. This is done by pressing down the “Windows” key and the “R” key simultaneously. 

2.     When the “run” window is opened you must type “taskschd.msc” and press the “Enter” key.

3.   As the “Task Scheduler Library” folder opens you must select “Microsoft.” Then you can select the option, “Windows” in this folder. Once you have reached here you can select “Application Experience” and find “Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser”. By right-clicking on this you can stop this from working.

2. Delete The Executive File

You can log in to the PC as an administrator and remove the CompatTelRunner.exe file. This file is a component of an update for Windows 10. Be careful not to delete the enter update which can prevent you from getting other updates on time. The below method will show how to delete only the file.

1.     You can go to the “System32” folder by typing it on the search space. Otherwise, you can go to the “C” Disk and search for “System32” folder in the “Windows” folder.  An alternative method is to run “

2.     C:\Windows\System32”. In this folder, you can find the CompatTelRunner.exe file.

3.     You can go to “properties” by right-clicking on the file. Once you reach there you must open the “security” tab. You could then click on the option, “advanced”.

4.     At this stage, you must now select the owner. You must open the “owner” section and select the “change” button. Once this is done the next step is to proceed to the “advanced” section and then press “find now”.

5.     You can see the names of all owners here. Select the one that you used for logging in and click “ok”. Close the tabs by clicking “ok” at each step. You must select “apply” and “ok” at the advanced security settings tab. It will ask you to close the “properties” boxes and you may follow that.

6.     Once this is done you must alter the way you manage the file. Right-click the CompatTelRunner.exe file and select “properties”. Go to different folders in the order “Security” – “Advanced” – “Select User From List” – “Edit”.

7.     A window offers suggestions for different permissions. In the “allow” section you can click on “full control.” Then, you can click “ok”. You must then “apply” and “ok” the selections and confirm it by clicking “yes”.

8.     You can access the file completely and you will get permission to right-click and delete it. 

3. Stop the Compatibility Telemetry Program Through Group Policy Editor

1.     Run “gpedit.msc” on your computer.

2.     When it opens you go each step in the following order. Click “Computer configuration” and then “administrative templates” followed by “windows components”, “data collection” and finally “preview builds”

3.     You must double-click on “allow telemetry” which will open a new dialogue box with the “disabled” option. Select that. Click “apply’ and “ok” to confirm your selection. This will make the Microsoft Compatibility Telemetry program non-functional.

4. Make Compatibility Telemetry Disabled By Using Registry Editor

1.     Type “regedit” in the Run window and confirm. Select the “user access control” window by clicking on “yes”.

2.     Go to “HKEY_Local_Machine” followed by “software”, “policies”, “Microsoft”, “Windows” and “DataCollection”. You can select “new” by right-clicking on the “DataCollection” option. Select “DWORD (32-bit value)” and give this value the name “Allow Telemetry”. The value data for this value must be changed to “0” and confirmed by clicking “ok”.

Look For Other Factors Affecting the Performance

Your problem must have been solved using one of the above methods about Compatibility Telemetry. Some users have expressed concerns about 0x8024002e error in CompatTelRunner.exe file. You can fix the 0x8024002e error using various methods.

Your system may have slow speed even after you tried all the above methods. In such cases, you can use different processes to boost your PC’s performance. 

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