Apple Music vs Spotify

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With the evolution of technology, the preferences of the user change. On the line of evolution, mobile phones play a major role in modifying user preferences. The X-generation kids use the mobiles for various purposes. One such purpose is for streaming the  music albums. You can install exodus in Kodi player is a pretty good media player with many cool features wherein you can play music as well as video on your gadget using Kodi player. Among the best streaming apps, two top-ranked apps based on user experience are Apple music and Spotify. How to choose the better one between these two apps? Here is a quick tip on both the streaming mobile apps to identify the perfect fit for you. We have drafted the usage points to ease it for you to decide on the best one.

Apple Music:

Apple provides an online streaming app that enables the user to stream your favourite music albums on their Apple devices. However, this app is exclusive for Apple users and it has a subscription plan depending on the validity. Here are the perks of the Apple Music app for iOS users:

– Get the latest albums and your favourite music videos in a click.

– Use your student identity to enjoy a discount on the subscriptions plan.

– In-built app for your Apple device.

– Create a family or a group subscription and enjoy streaming

With these unique features, you can enjoy the Apple Music app on your iOS device.

As this is the default music app for Apple phones, you can import your music library from iTunes. Also, now add your favourite songs to your exclusive playlist and enjoy streaming it uninterrupted. You can search for the recent albums and add them to your list later. However, the recent albums are not available for the free subscription student packs. You may require subscribing to sustaining your playlist. The best part of Apple Music is that now you can sync your music library not only from iTunes but also from the Amazon prime and other online music libraries.


Spotify is yet another music streaming app that lets you enjoy your favourite playlist on the go. You can use Spotify for both iOS and Android smartphones. So, what makes Spotify better than the other streaming apps? Here is the quick list on the Spotify features:

– Live to stream

– Subscription packs exclusive for Students

– Latest Mix every day

– Compatible with both iOS and Android phones.

The user interface is simple and easy to access. On Spotify, you can create your playlist and play them on shuffle. Also, now get a mix of recent albums or the songs as a Daily Mix. The subscription pack for Spotify is around $99 a year.

So, what makes Spotify equivalent to or better than the Apple music?

Apple Music Vs Spotify:

The Spotify app has a Student trial pack just like Apple. However, the everyday mix of your favourite playlist makes it stand ahead of Apple Music. However, Spotify brings you around 50,000 million songs from the globe, whereas, Apple music brings you more than 60,000 million songs every day.

Now you can listen to your favorite song at your preferred level of bass with the custom equalizer. The custom music Equalizer makes the sound quality better when compared to the Spotify app. What is more? Your Apple Music is a digital storage that allows you to store all your favorite music forever! In case you are a regular Apple user and use iTunes all the time, you can recover your favorite list from here. This option is not available with the Spotify. Also, now you can store any number of music libraries from different subscription apps to your Apple Music App.

To add a point for Spotify, let’s have look at its everyday new ‘Mix’ playlist. Spotify refreshes the daily Mix even for the new and free users every day. It combines the newly released and the most popular list and publishes it as an everyday mix. With this option, you can stream any new album or a music video live without any subscription! However, the knot here is that you cannot listen to it in the order given. Spotify shuffles the songs and plays it in random order. Thus, this everyday Mix both adds and deletes a point to the strength of Spotify.

The added advantage in Apple Music is that it is a special app designed for iOS devices. Hence, it does not require any specific configuration or system requirements. Also, it becomes a part of your iOS device and enables better performance.

The Genres of Spotify brings it close to a winner. It offers different options to categorize the music list. Daily Mixes and Secret genius are a strong reason for Spotify to splash Apple Music. The Secret Genius allows you to listen to the secret or new release list of your favorite songwriters. You can add your favorite writers to the list and listen to their new songs or the non-popular once in a click!

Though these two apps have their pros and cons, they both run ads on their free and student versions. You can either enjoy these apps with these ads popping every time with every song change or upgrade to the premium account and go ad-free.

Final thoughts.

We have listed the highlights of both the streaming apps Apple Music and Spotify. You may use this article as a guide to help you with choosing the right app for you or choose it after trying it. If you are a student and a music lover, you may choose the Spotify app as it refreshes the Daily mix list every day with the latest releases. In case you are looking for a streaming app to converge all your apps, Apple Music is the right fit for you. Also, you can subscribe to the Apple Music app once and share it among your family thus uniting together. What will be your choice – Apple Music or Spotify? Check both the apps on the trial version, and choose your best fit with the experience and stream your favorite music list non-stop!

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