How Technology Is Helping Students Study During COVID-19

When it comes to technology, the education world has been lagging behind. However, COVID-19 changed all that in the span of a few months. Now, most classes have been shifted online to ensure everyone’s safety and to follow quarantine and social distancing rules. While many students are facing teething problems in this situation, it offers many advantages. 

How Technology Is Helping Students Study During COVID-19

The online world is filled with great opportunities that students can exploit for their benefit. Advances in tech in terms of both service and gadgets can enrich any student’s life and help them study. While the world shuts down because of the pandemic, let’s see what the future generation can use to help them learn! 

Smart Notebooks

One of the most common scenes that are played out in modern classrooms is when students take out their phones and take pictures of the chalkboard. Students try and shift their notes to the digital format because it is easier to share and access. Instead of having to sift through multiples pages and notebooks, you simply search for the document you need. 

This is why smart notebooks can be one of your best study buddies during this pandemic and beyond. A smart notebook is a gadget that is designed to convert the notes you take on it to PDF format and store it in the cloud. Smart notebooks also save paper and reduce waste. These are perfect for the environment-conscious student who likes to be eco-friendly. 

Study Helpers

One of the disadvantages of online classes is that you can’t hang back after class to ask your teacher for help with your doubts. This can be a considerable disadvantage for students who need extra time with teachers in order to keep up with coursework or homework. This is where websites like come in. 

These websites offer services that ensure you are up to date with your homework and classwork. Whether it’s projects or assignments, you’ll find websites that help in every aspect. This is especially great for students who need tutoring and have had to stop tutors because of social distancing rules. 

Apps to the Rescue

Apps are pieces of software that are designed to add functionality to your phone. Since most students have access to smartphones nowadays, apps are a convenient way to add tech to the study table. There are apps for scheduling, planning, reminders, and more. You can use apps to lock down your phone for a certain period of time to force you to study. 

Some apps even help you with certain aspects of your project. For example, RefMe lets you scan a book’s barcode so that it can create a formatted citation to put in your assignments. You can get a variety of apps that help with different aspects of studying. The best way to get started with apps is to figure out what you need help for first. 

In terms of software, there are many options for all ages. Gamification of the syllabus is an extremely effective tool to motivate students. It also allows students to take in more information in an organic way, which helps with knowledge retention as well. While most software is marketed for younger students, there are options for older students as well. 


No article on education technology would be complete without mentioning the e-reader! E-readers are specially designed tablets that mimic the look and feel of a book. Many people forego e-readers in place of having traditional tablets. However, traditional tablets put a lot of strain on the eyes and aren’t ideal for reading for long stretches of time. 

Instead, e-readers come with e-ink displays that aren’t too bright. Some are backlit, while others are not. So, you can choose between them depending on your usage and budget. They are also significantly lighter than tablets and harder to break, making them ideal for the rough and tumble that happens in a student’s life. 

While the pandemic has brought life to a halt, that doesn’t mean your studies have to stop. Of course, no technology can replace your own motivation and willpower so remember to keep your spirits high. Along with using gadgets, you should remember to stay focused and use your time intelligently. 

Remember that the highest-scoring students study smarter than everyone else, not always harder. Review your own academic strengths and weaknesses. Then, use technology to shore up your weaknesses and fortify your strengths. Using these nifty gadgets and tools, you’ll soon see a meteoric rise in your grades

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