Why Video Content Dominates Social Media

Video Content Dominates Social Media

Video content is seeing a fast upsurge. By 2020, video content will become the driving factor behind 92% of search traffic in USA. Social media marketers are focusing on video content, be it on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. Additionally, brands must discern social media platforms are optimizing their presence to allow provide more video content in feeds.

  • Video advert expenditure is a very important context. The reason why all major social channels are optimizing themselves is because the bulk of search traffic will emanate from video
  • Future marketing endeavors will see high expenditure on digital platforms. 
  • The future projections show that only digital ad expenses will have a significant rise, increasing at an average of $13 billion each year.
  • However, video and social form the exclusive club that will grow in the coming days. 
  • While you can expect social to grow massively, video ads will boom 190% from %9.9 billion to $35 billion in ad spending. 
  • The Instagram video ads are changing the way brands advertise on IG. Studies show 78% of ad impressions on IG stem from video content. 
  • After rolling out Stories, IG has businesses scrambling to use the new features. Numerous B2C and B2B companies use Stories and share behind-the-scenes content to give consumers/followers a first look at event coverage or/and new products. 

Reign of video content

Recent studies show that video content is the best performer in the digital world. Both bloggers and brands are digging into to and adding videos to their social media marketing strategy. 

  • Contemporary surveys show how 97% of brands assert that this content has helped them in increasing user understanding. 80% of them say video content has boosted their sales.
  • Live Q&As are a great form of video content. With their soaring popularity, businesses are using it to create content and answer customer queries. You also use it for interviewing relevant industry experts that are in sync with your target audience and brand.
  • For example, if you were a supplement company, it’d be a prudent to do a Q&A with a fitness professional. 
  • Experts predict that over 80% of total internet traffic will stem from video in 2020. 
  • To gauge their message’s effectiveness, businesses are creating 1:1 Videos. These include product reviews, and top tips vides and tutorials. 
  • By creating such content, you give bandwidth to your brand, eventually attracting and engaging more customers. 
  • These types of useful and insightful videos could eventually lead to direct sale or purchase.
  • 360-degree videos are also doing brisk business and are set to grow. They deliver an immersive and unique experience. 

Behind the viability

Facebook produces over 8 billion video views every day. The trend grows annually, proving that video content is soaring in popularity. FB videos are versatile and the platform is a very effective way to reach your audience. FB continues to channelize new strategies to propel people to share their stories or experience using the same method. 

  • The competition with Snapchat is cut-throat. 
  • FB’s strategy is to spike the number of individuals sharing their stories across the platform instead of using third-party content.
  •  Scroll through FB’s social feeds. You will find more videos than regular article links. Bland article links are a passé.
  • If you want to bolster your business, making interactive videos is a must.

Instagram videos are very crisp and business-friendly. Recent IG updates changed the way brands advertise on the channel. More than 70% of ad impressions came from video content. The growth rate is well over 700%, which makes one wonder about the reason. With Stories, video content will dominate Instagram followers feeds more. 

Twitter videos are more real, social and direct. Twitter supports videos in a way that describes the true essence of social videos. You can optimize the platform’s bandwidth by connecting and engaging with your customers. 

Three simpler reasons

With shortening and compact attention spans of consumers, short social media videos allow businesses to express themselves in a personal way. You can tell a story to tap your audience.

  • People genuinely like videos. Customers find it a lot easier to grasp visual content as compared to text. It makes perfect sense for you to build platforms that suit individual preferences.
  • Take YouTube as a case study. There over 1 billion daily users. They watch over 500 million hours of videos per day.
  • Video content is a viable place to accommodate those 6-second ads. Many brands place those short bumper adverts on YouTube. 
  • Many advertisers also post their short ads on various social media platforms, aspiring to gain consumer attraction. 
  • Not only the short videos eye-catching and compact, they help brands to go straight into the context/point and narrate a story.
  • Demanding and impatient customers want a personalized experience. It’s important to give them such experiences. 
  • People seek entertainment, which is another reason to stick to video content. Companies are altering and modifying their marketing campaigns to create and tell stories. The video and storytelling combination can do wonders. 

Trends set to dominate

You must be aware of the fact that videos have outperformed every other form on content on social media. Hence, you might consider adding video to your e-commerce marketing. But, do you know the type of videos you need to create? Do you know the options and formats that are gaining interest and momentum? 

  • A whopping 97% of marketers and brands assert that videos have helped bolster communication and user-understanding. 86% of businesses use video content as a core marketing tool. 
  • 78% of folks watching online each week and 55% watch online videos each day. 
  • It’s interesting to know that YouTube advertisements will replace television ads. With people spending more and more time on YouTube and other social media apps than in front of the idiotic box, advertisers and brands might ditch the good, old TV ads to embrace those short YouTube ads. 

Due to the advancement and innovation in VR technology, VR-ready videos will rule the internet. Its wider reach and adoption amongst all and sundry ensure that we will see more of it in 2020. Paid video courses will also be on the rise. 

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Ariya Stark has been working on the importance of social media in marketing with thousands of real Instagram followers for her postings. 

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