Top 3 Prank Apps of 2020

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It’s 2020 and doing prank calls using cleverly built prank apps has never been more popular and fun to use. Below are our top 3 favourites to prank apps so call your best pals today!

Ownage Prank App

Ownage Pranks is famously known for their hilarious prank call youtube channel but did you know they have their very own Prank App

Having over 100 different prank scripts made into pre-recordings, they are automated to send once the phone call begins. Pre-recordings feature different popular characters from their youtube channel such as my personal favourites Tyrone Biggums and Buk Lau.

What makes this a standout among its competition today is the quality of prank scripts available, character personalities are distinct, and prank scenarios are mischievously brilliant. 

Some examples of Ownage Pranks classics include ‘Embarrassing Pharmacy Order’, ‘Where Do Babies Come From?’ and ‘Phony Chinese Restaurant Order’. 

To find a specific type of prank you can browse through its various prank categories, some of these include Love & Dating, Work and Ridesharing. 

If you’re wondering how, pre-recordings do such a great job of fooling people over the phone, the app contains a speech recognition technology AI which analyses dialogue on the go.

The AI detects keywords and silence, so pre-recordings show a high degree of adaptability during phone calls. As a result, the average person would never anticipate it’s not a real person they’re speaking too. 

Additional Features:

  • Tune in to live calls and listen to the funniest reactions
  • Calls are recorded so you can listen again
  • Share with friends and family or make a submission to the Pranks Hall of Fame
  • Prank Scripts added regularly

VIP Call Prank App

The VIP Call Prank app is not just great for prank calls but practical in everyday situations.

The app excels in tight situations giving you a valid excuse to leave. 

Let’s say you are with your spouse at the dentist and are too scared to get your tooth out. Perhaps you’re stuck in a tiring meeting and need a beer with the guys.

VIP Call Prank app lets you schedule a customized incoming call to ring you immediately or later in the day giving you an excuse to depart. 

The moment you answer there’ll be animated replies from a selected audio file from the app, making conversations authentic and natural.

Audio files can also be recorded and imported to the app, which can be used during fake calls.

To start, define the fake caller of your choice and set the time you would like the call to take place.

Program an incoming call that’s entirely prearranged, providing you with an excuse to depart. Incoming calls also rarely attract suspicion as there’s no way of realizing it is a fake call.

To begin, choose your caller image, name and caller ID. 

Choosing specific caller IDs make prank calls that are more elaborate and cunning, for example, you can fool your sister into thinking mom is calling you. 

The possibilities for pranks are endless, be as creative as you like!

Prank Call & Voice Changer App

If you routinely make prank calls with prank scripts already written and planned then all you have to do is change your voice to fool your pals. Sounds easy right?

Not really. 

Unfortunately changing one’s voice is a lot harder than it sounds and most of us can’t do it during a live call when the pressure’s on. 

If that’s the case for you then don’t worry, Prank Call & Voice Changer app is the best pranking apps and can covered your voice as it is one of the most capable voice changing prank apps downloadable today.

This prank app eliminates this issue as it lets you modify your voice beforehand using a voice modifier. Changing your voice diminishes the danger of you being detected. The wide variety of audio effects you’ll be able to convert your voice too is also very impressive. 

There are numerous free sound effects in this prank app such as woman, faster, slower, robot, chipmunk and many more. Video voice effects are also included. 

How to change your voice in prank app:

Step 1: Record your voice with a microphone by holding the record icon, releasing it when you want to stop the recording.

Step 2: Here’s where the fun begins, as you can immediately apply different voice effects to the recording. 

Step 3: Once satisfied with your recording, you can export your voice file by audio (.m4a) or Video(.mov) format. Videos can also be exported with HD resolutions. 

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