V-Energy presents “Silence The Troll” campaign for V-hab !

The internet is full of positivity, knowledge and other good things but we all know there is a lot of darkness in this world as well. We all know what “Trolls” mean as we have our fair share of experience of dealing with them and there maybe some of you who actually love trolling. For those of you who don’t actually know who a Troll is or what is Trolling, we are happy to help even it being simply an internet slang rather than being a proper english word. A troll is someone who exudes negativity throughout the internet, they are the ones who post inflammatory and negative thoughts in an online post, forum with an intention to provoke people into a response. So V-Energy have just hit the right spot as they are bringing in their newest campaign for V-Hab which reads “Silence The Troll”. Sounds interesting, i know.

silence is troll V-energy

V-Energy drinks are pretty well known and right now they have focused their new campaign on the growing Troll thing on the internet. V-Energy have released a video on YouTube of their new campaign which focuses on countering negative energy and spreading positivity all around. All the incidences in the video are taken from real world internet situations such as YouTube, Twitter and online gaming trolls which makes the video truly fun to watch. V-Energy have also brought about an campaign at their V-Hab webisite.


The video shows people in real world situations acting as trolls just the way they do on the internet. This can surely be our future as people start trolling in the real world as well just as shown in the video. The video ends with a kitten holding a V-Energy drink that the folks at V-Enery like to call shush kitten (an appropriate online troll antithesis) which manages to silence the Trolls and encourages them to join the anti-troll movement. Check out the video below and enjoy for yourself:


v-energy video campaign


The film has been made by V-Energy to make people go to their online troll rehabilitation website that is V-Hab. The video is truly fun and the website even more, so go ahead and checkout the website for yourself and get into the movement anti-trolling and even if you aren’t a Troll, go visit it just for the sake of fun.


This post is sponsored by V-Energy Drink. All opinions are 100% mine.

V-Energy presents "Silence The Troll" campaign for V-hab ! 1
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