Here’s How You Can Deactivate and Unlist Your Phone Number from Truecaller


I guess we all have this software named Truecaller in our phones. It is one of the most widely popular software and is majority used for the detection of the real name from the call we receive from the unknown numbers. We use this caller ID software in our daily life, remaining detached from the fact that even if you are not a user of this application your contact will still be available on their server.  Truecaller gets the access to upload all the phone number, details, email address, locations and even names on their database.

So what to do then? Well, I know this is a troublesome moment for you. But if you want to keep your privacy intact you have to read this article to find the perfect solution for your problem. We will discuss all the methods step wise for the removal of phone numbers from the database of truecaller.

Why should you unlist your phone number from the Truecaller database?

We know that Truecaller saves a lot of our time by automatically exposing the spam calls, scam calls, calls from different unknown sources and others. It also offers the service of reporting and blocking the scam calls. But beside this it is also capable of uploading the customer’s unique IMSI number(International Mobile Subscriber Identity) which when revealed to others creates a huge risk of privacy. Truecaller can even upload your number on their server without your approval. So, if you want to avoid all these circumstances you can simply unlist your number by deactivating your Truecaller account.

Noteworthy: Whether you are a Truecaller user or not the risk is the same, so you can opt the below mentioned steps for easy removal of your phone number. 

For the Truecaller users, you have to deactivate the account first and then you can place your request. While the non-users can simply follow the steps to place their request for eliminating their phone number from the database

First Step: Removal of Phone from Truecaller Server:

  • Initially you have to open the Truecaller application on your phone.
  • Now click on the small icon consisting of three horizontal lines present on the top left part of the page.
Menu Option
  • After that a menu will glide up providing you the list of options. You have to select Settings
  • Now in the Settings Page, select the Privacy Center option present in the last second of the list.
Privacy Center
  • Select Deactivate and confirm your activity.

Second Step: Unlisting Your Phone Number:

  • Visit the Truecaller official page of Unlist Phone Number for placement of the request.
  • You have to enter the Phone number along with your current country code
  • Now validate the CAPTCHA and tap on the option named Unlist Phone Number
  • A message will pop up confirming your request. Select Unlist and your phone number will be under the process for the removal from the True caller server.
  • Now you can see that your phone number and your details are no longer available.

What do you do if your Phone Number is Still Visible?

It might happen that even after attending all the steps scripted you can view your number. This is because your profile details have been saved locally on your device. In order to overcome that issue you can delete all the search results on your phone and restart again to find out. 

Another way is that you can clear up the cache memory by opening the Settings followed by Apps and finally select Truecaller.

clear cache

How can I change my name which is registered in true caller?

In case if you want to change your profile name then, all you have to do is go to the Menu option(three small horizontal lines) present in the top left corner of the page. Then select the Edit Menu. Finally, Change your name as per you need.

Can Truecaller identify private numbers?

Private numbers are the hidden numbers and once the user has made their number private, you wont be able to view it. Hence, Truecaller is not capable of recognizing private numbers

Does Truecaller really show who viewed my profile?

Yes, of course with the help of the special feature available on Truecaller, you can view the one. But this is only for the Pro subscribers of Truecaller. If you want to see who views your profile, then in the Navigation part click on Who viewed My Profile and check out the following.

Final Outcome:

You should know that even if your phone number has been successfully unlisted from their server, your personal info won’t vanish. The users will still be able to get access to your details. The only thing is that people won’t be able to view your details just by searching your number. Infact, I will suggest you to avoid using all these third party apps which are simply available on Play Store but can cause the breach of your personal details. 

I hope this article was successful in providing you all the essential information regarding the Unlisting of your phone number from their directory. Do share with your family, friends, colleagues to make them aware about all these facts and do the needful as soon as possible.

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