Top 10 Most Trustworthy Alternatives For Textsheet


Have you ever taken the aid of Textsheet while performing your assignments or homework? If yes, then this must be the situation where you’re looking out for the alternative of Textsheet. In a very short phase of time was successful in gaining the popularity and the traffic of the students. But, due to some copyright issues Textsheet was forced to end its journey.

However, the necessity of the students keeps rising. They constantly search for the perfect place where they can find the solutions for the typical competitive questions or the university’s assignments. Well, no more searching for different alternative websites. Here we will be listing out the best alternatives of along with the detailed description of each of the platforms.

So, let’s get started with the list of the best alternatives of

What is a Textsheet?

Textsheet was one of the highly recognized platforms for discovering the answer to major complex and sophisticated problems. This platform was capable of meeting all the demands of the students like solving their assignments without any hustle and above that the main profit of the student was that was totally free.

Consequently, it was used by millions of learners all around the globe in order to save their time and efforts. The website was able to stand out in providing  excellent service for the students.

Was the Textsheet legal?

Earlier was not illegal but later it got banned because of copyright violation. They only focused on the collection of answers of the assignments and research which led to the breakdown of the copyright. The DMCA copyright got totally infringed and Textsheet got closed

Best 10 Alternatives of

The list of alternatives that you should definitely look out for :



Students can opt this website as one of the best Textsheet alternatives because of its categorized syllabus.It is totally a school solver platform. All subjects are managed according to the topic. All these help the student to get the answer of the desired questions in a very short phase. All the courses are free for the students. In case the student wants to avail the certificates then they must pay the required. 

You can easily download this app on both Android and iOS. The links are available below:



This is the platform heard and trusted by the majority of the learners and one of the interesting facts about Chegg Study is that Chegg was responsible for the ultimate shutdown of Textsheet. Besides all these it is a paid platform with assignment’s solutions. It is mainly helpful for the college or university’s learners where they can pay a small sum of money and get access to the quality answers and study guides. You can even ask your doubts with the experts. The online tutor will also provide you homework help.

It is available both on Android and iOS. You are even allowed to rent books in Chegg.

Course Hero:


This is one of the great alternatives for Textsheet where you can find the solutions to every typical question in rocket speed. You can find satisfactory outcomes on this platform on different topics like history, science, literature, finance and others too. It is currently used by 30 millions globally. 

The two types of option available for free access and secondly the paid one where one has to purchase the membership. All you have to do is to upload your assignments and the results will be presented to you. Yes, for sure it is available for Android and iPhone

Crazy for study:


The users of this website are quite high and are often used by the university’s student. You can find solutions for various subjects like math, engineering, history, computer science and various others. You can even find books prescribed by your college or institution.The best part of this page is that it offers access to textbook solutions. Get ready to have the speedy answers with this amazing platform named Crazy for study.



I guess many of you might have used his website, if not then you probably check it. The user interface is very smooth and easy. Other than that it also allows you to get your custom writing done here. If you are assigned the task to jot down the essay then you can simply put the details and the service will be able to provide you quality content. This is available for both Android and iPhone.



It is a widely recognized website where you can find features like assignments and solutions from experts. The foremost thing is that it provides free service to the students. But in case if they want to enjoy an account free from ads then they can take the subscription of $2. The major subjects available are English, Math etc. One of the noteworthy things is that the website provides the answers based on the USA syllabus.



This platform has assisted various students in cracking their competitive entrance exams like ACT, GRE and even SAT. It is incredibly beneficial for the high school as well as university’s student. This website generally helps the students with the topic of poetry or literature. The summaries delivered by them helps the student in understanding the concept of the topic. The traffic on this page is increasing exponentially.


All the explanations and outcomes are generated by the experts, so there is a high chance of zero error. You can find the solutions on several subjects like Physics, Math, Chemistry, Engineering, Finance, Business, English and even more. It offers the service of 24 X 7 where you solve your queries anytime via the step wise video explanations. The features of this website never fails to amaze both the students and the parents. With the help of the specialized tutors you can easily learn and discuss the concepts. 

ReadWrite Think:


Sometimes even the professionals get stuck on some problems. Well, it is not a big deal because this website is capable of sorting out the problems of both the college students and experts. This is highly recommended for the users if they do research papers writing because it can find pointers and can also suggest the format. Other than that it is also an interactive website where you can gain knowledge and ideas simultaneously.


web math

Yes, I know a lot of people often struggle with the Mathematics subjects. It may be easy to find some other subject’s answer but it is not the same with the Math subject. Nevertheless, your math problem is now finally fixed with this platform. You can use this website for solving complex and sophisticated problems of your assignments.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out all these platforms as soon as possible and get your assignments for universities, middle school, high school done on time. My personal favorite is Chegg, Humbolt which you can also make the ultimate use of. We have listed out all the best and highly acknowledged alternatives of Textsheet in this article so that you can smoothly finish your assigned task on time.

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