Bulk Unfollow Twitter Users Who Are Not Following You Back

twitter blue gossip birdsIf you are a twitter netizen trying to gain decent number of followers on Twitter by following others, this tool is for you.

With this tool, you can find who is not following you on twitter and unfollow twitter in bulk. You just need to authorize your twitter account by signing in via Twitter profile, this tool will analyse your entire follower list and show you whom you should unfollow.

Here are the complete features of bulk unfollow tool:
  • Manage your Friends and Followers
  • Group twitter friends by Relationships.
  • Sort by Importance
  • Explore Twitter Social Graph
  • Discover Relevant Users
  • Filter Irrelevant Users
  • Follow/Unfollow/Block
  • Crowd Tagging and Comments
  • Lock Relationships

You can login with your twitter account. To start using this service, just login and authorize re-follow.com to your account to access your follower and following lists. Then It might take some time to collect and import the data for you. Once the data is imported. You can start unfollowing people who doesn’t follow you back, and much more features listed above. You can sort the list using the selection tool as in the image below.

refollow website selection tool

Once you check any one of the box, the profile list starts appearing, now you can click on the icons to select one profile or hover over it to view more details about that profile. You hav

find and unfollow in mass refollow

Bulk Unfollow Twitter Users Who Are Not Following You Back 1
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