Make electric energy while you walk to charge your phone

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Believe it or not,you may be able to charge your mobile laptop and iPod by a few minutes of walk in the near future

Piezoelectric can generate voltages can generate voltages up to 1.26volt and can produce or even higher voltages. This is a key step to designing technology that will be useful in the near future. Every move you make every step you can generate electricity. The power output could quickly jump high enough to power laptop and cell phones.

charge while you walk


• A piezoelectric material is something that when Pushed or Pulled generates a mild electrical charge.
• Within three to five years piezoelectric nanowires, woven into a cotton charge a cell phone or laptop battery after even a short walk. The group used plentiful and easy-to-manipulate zinc oxide nanowires to create their nanogeneroter.
• This unique arrangement maximizes the electricity the piezoelectric nanowires can create. The wires work with each other, amplifying the electrical charge to record levels as the single layer pushed back and forth with only the most slight and gentle of nudges.


Pushing the arranged nanowires harder or faster would bump the power output up to 30 times without damaging the device it more damaging the device. If more powerful and expensive gallium nitride replaced the cheap zinc oxide nanowires the power output could increase another 10times.

More than enough to power most consumer devices if the piezoelectric material were in motion constantly

Make electric energy while you walk to charge your phone 1
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