Tricks to Promote your Blog on Tumblr

How, does one get traffic on their blogs, there a basically two top methods to get traffic to there blogs and those are Search Engine Optimization and the other is Social Media Promotion. We are here to talk about the latter of the two, Social Media Promotion. There are many Social media where one can promote their blog to maximum traffic. But, to do that you need to know how things work there.


Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Digg and Tumblr are some of the best social media promoting sites. And we are here to talk about Tumblr, one of those website, that runs on the idea of blogging. There are around 87 Millions registered bloggers on Tumblr, of which 40 Million are active. So, naturally Tumblr is a great source of traffic generation when it comes to Socially generated traffic.

Why is Social Media promotion, well in terms of SEO , the more the social presence your website has, the more Google will trust you. It is like if people trust they will come to you. Tumblr makes you get noticed by fellow bloggers and you make new connections, which in a way makes you develop idea building skills and writing skills. Most of you get massive traffic if you do it right.

How to promote your blogs on Tumblr

Like Twitter, You have follow blogs and writers to keep up with them and learn new tricks. You have to interact with the bloggers there to make them come to you. You have to try to impress as much as you can. This is one the building blocks in Tumblr. Once you gain authority and good number of followers, traffic is bound to increase on your blog. The golden rule is the more the follower the more your blog is popular and gets good traffic via Tumblr. All you have to do is follow the directions below and keep doing them everyday.

  • Create a Tumblr blog, and add content relevant and targeted to the posts on your blog.
  • Link your Tumblr post to the blog you are trying to promote.
  • Wirte good posts and try to get highlighted on Spotlight. Spotlight are the very best posts on Tumblr. You have to write consistently and use Tumblr everyday periodically to get an invite from the Tumblr staff for an invite to Spotlight.
  • If not on Spotlight, try landing on Explore Page.Try to add relevant tags with popularity in Tumblr. You should always keep an eye on most trending tags over Tumblr and try to write according to that data.

Remember, once in a while try to write something very unique cause Tumblr is a place where viral sharing takes place and a unique article gets noticed just like that.Your Tumblr blog entries can offer plenty of opportunities to link back to your blog, which boosts your search engine ranking.

So, that is all I can tell you about Tumblr, I myself get good traffic from Tumblr, at my very own blogs. It is now your turn to give Tumblr a chance. If you can abide the rules, you have a golden future and Google will be with you. Please feel free leave questions below or connect to Techgyo on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Author Bio : Everyone, I am Yash Vardhan and I write for Techzane , a technical site where I manage blogs about WordPress, Windows, Facebook and Ubuntu. I am an Avid Android user and also have great craving for chinese food.

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I am techie and love the internet. Windows, Ubuntu and WordPress are my second world!! I am founder of I have been following TechGyo from the past year and I should say they do a commendable job.

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