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Are you a researcher or a student trying to learn more about satellite or track the movements or satellite? Then I have a good resource for you to track any satellite at real time and learn more abouts its launch mission, astronauts, launching location, Country and more. According to Wikipedia Currently there are approximately 2465 (outdated) artificial satellites orbiting the Earth. N2YO is such a such which lets you track any artificial satellite at real time. Although you can’t track the images from any of the satellites, you can view the current physical location of the satellite based on altitude. The top tracked satellites are: ISS (ZARYA), OTV 1 (USA 212), GOES 12, HST, NOAA 15, GOES 11, ASTRA 3B, GALAXY 15, HELIOS-2A, PROGRESS M-05M, and BEIDOU G3. And the latest launched are BEIDOU G3, SERVIS 2, NAVSTAR 65 (USA 213), COMSATBW-2, ASTRA 3B, PROGRESS M-05M, COSMOS 2463, SES 1, OTV 1 (USA 212), COSMOS 2462 and CRYOSAT 2.

They collect data from space surveillance software provided by Space Track, a partial catalog of observations collected by the US Space Surveillance Network, operated by US Air Force Space Command (AFSPC). Users can specify their own location in order to have a better tracking experience. Registration is required to customize locations. Otherwise default locations are assumed based on the user’s IP address.

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Users can search their satellite database based on either by SPACE COMMAND ID, by SATELLITE NAME, by LAUNCH DATE or by INT’L DESIGNATOR.
(SPACE COMMAND ID – is a sequential 5-digit number assigned by USSPACECOM to all Earth orbiting satellites in order of identification.)
(INT’L DESIGNATOR – The International designator is an internationally agreed-upon naming convention for satellites.)

You can also find Satellites based on Categories here Currently they have tracking data of around 16181 Satellite and still more to come. Users can even track debris and rocket bodies. you can catch all the latest satellite related news in their home page.

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Link: N2YO

Track Any Satellite Location At Real Time 1
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