Add flowcharts and basic drawings, floorplans, UML, ERD, UI mockups, to your WordPress Blog

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Ever wanted to add make a flowchart, diagram to your WordPress blog post? Gliffy is an online tool which can used for variety diagram drawing purposes. For WordPress users, Gliffy plugin allows to create diagrams and insert them into posts or pages. Draw all kinds of diagrams: flowcharts, UI mockups, UML, etc and embed it to your blog post in just a click. The Gliffy plugin for WordPress works with your Gliffy account. Gliffy is the world’s first net-native business graphics software.  You can need not create an account to try the Gliffy editor.

Gliffy offers a lot of features other than Flowcharts:
  • Flow Charts
  • Network Diagrams
  • Wireframes / UI Mockups
  • Org Charts
  • Floor Plans
  • Technical Drawing
  • Business Process
  • SWOT Analysis
  • UML

You can checkout the complete features and uses of Gliffy here.  In case, you are wondering how the flowchart made using Gliffy looks like, then just have a look at the below example of the flowchart.

flow chart

Not only flowcharts, you can use Gliffy for variety of applications as listed above.  Just have a look at the Floor Plan created using Gliffy.

floor plan maker

You can try Gliffy for free trail over here (No signup required). However, if you want to save your creations, then you’ll have to signup.

Add flowcharts and basic drawings, floorplans, UML, ERD, UI mockups, to your Wordpress Blog 1
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