Top Android Apps Trending Right Now

If one is certain, it’s that smartphones ultimately dominate the lives of people across the globe. Whether they’re Android or Apple, smartphones are an integral feature of our existence, thanks to their convenient power supplies and the fact that we’re able to access absolutely anything at our fingertips. Whether it’s something to navigate where you’re going or to keep the kids entertained, smartphones are quickly becoming a necessity. One of the most important features of a smartphone is their apps, but with so many on the respective application stores, it can be difficult to know which are worth downloading. Listed below are the top android apps. 


Gone are the days of hunting for the weather report in the newspaper, on the radio, or even the TV. In order to learn what the weather is likely to do, we consult the internet, and the most convenient mode of doing this is by picking up our phones. There are so many weather apps on the Google Play Store, and some are more reliable than others. As a result, it becomes almost impossible to know which weather app is worth downloading if you want the most accurate forecast. Well, 1Weather on Android is excellent, with a forecast of up to 12 weeks! 

Google Drive

Google Drive is a clous storage system for Android that enables you to sync all your files across a multitude of devices. The app can be downloaded for free, and users are given 15GB of storage. Despite this, it’s of course possible to purchase more gigabytes. Similarly, Google Drive is compatible with other Android apps, including Google Keep, Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Photos, Google Slides, Google Sheets, and Google Docs. By using Google Drive, you can ensure that all bases are covered and you’re not missing any important files for each of your devices. 

Google Maps

When it comes to quality navigation, the power of Google Maps can’t be underestimated. It dominates the navigation app scene and is without a doubt one of the best Android apps available on the Google Play Store. Not only can Google Maps get you from A to B smoothly, but it also has up-to-date traffic data, as well as stops of convenience and interest alike. Furthermore, you don’t need to rely on your internet connection if you know where you’re heading to, as you can download maps ahead of time. Similarly, Google Maps is more reliable than car navigation systems, making it the preferred choice. 


Google is the most powerful search engine out there, making it one of the best apps on the Google Play Store. If Google doesn’t know something, then no one does. Whether you want to find out how to register to vote or how to tie a tie, Google will find the answer for you. You can add Google directly to your home screen to make it easier to access. With an Android smartphone, you’re able to find out absolutely anything in a matter of seconds. When relying on Google, you’re sure to do well.


With the number of passwords that we need to function in our technologically driven society, a digital password storer is essential. Not only is the LastPass app perfect for keeping your existing passwords safe, but it’s great for generating passwords that are virtually impossible to crack. The software itself is protected by a master password, so you only have one password to remember, rather than 20. Furthermore, it can be used on smartphones, tablets, desktops, or any device you may be using.

Which apps will you be downloading?

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