Top Five Android Real Estate Apps

Finding a new house or a property can be one hell of an experience for the ones doing it for first time. Searching newspapers, advertisements, notice boards which usually ends up in disappointment. Another easier way to find property is through internet and manage it using a property management software. But, sticking to the chair while searching via internet and checking out the marked property outdoor cannot be done simultaneously. Android real estate apps give a wonderful solution for this problem. All you need is an Android device and android real estate app. You can search online while you’re on the go. And there won’t be any need of noting down addresses, routes etc. Android real estate app do it for you. Let’s take look at some most popular Real Estate finding Android Apps.

Movoto Android Real Estate App

This android real estate app helps you find you house or property at a lightning speed. As you search for your house, Movoto android real estate app lists the city, address, zip code as well as the prices and recent searches. You can get all of this in just a single tap with the Movoto App. Also you will have access to property photos and details, map view and surroundings. And you can get and share opinions via social networks like Facebook and Twitter and also through emails.

Zillow Real Estate and Rentals

The Zillow App allows you to get the estimate of almost any house for sale in the entire United States. Get price estimates, rent estimates, price cuts and also Zillow offers news with this app. To search, give in voice commands or type in the address or just allow the GPS locater to do the work. Even get driving directions to a reach and checkout a desired house for sale or rent with this android real estate app. Most importantly this android real estate app allows you to map, sort, compare houses and access the entire tax history on home detail pages.

HotPads Rentals and Real Estate

Another powerful app for real estate search is the HotPads Rentals and Real Estate App. This android real estate app features search for millions of houses for sale or rent, maps and listing, detailed listings. It supports Cross Platform Sync and also gives you location based directions. It is one of the most popularly downloaded Android Apps.

Internet Real Estate

The Internet Real Estate App provides you with all the information a property hunter needs. It provides you with information on sellers, tenants, buyers etc. Whether you are a buyer, seller, investor or a property manager, it gives you step by step information. It’s another most popular android real estate app.

eKEY Android Real Estate App

This android real estate app is specifically designed for Real Estate Professionals. It provides its users with searches, listings on map along with detailed information. Since it is specifically intended for professionals, users need to purchase the required eKEY Adapter from their association. You can create and manage profiles for each of your clients with eKEY.

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