Top 7 Best Website Building Tools for Your Business

A website is one of the most important entities when it comes to any business. It not only makes the customers let know more about you, the products and services you are offering, but also make your business looks legit. A beautifully designed and well-functioning website especially, if you are into e-commerce or online food delivery, will help you score and to stand out from your competitors. There used to be a time, creating websites can cost you a major share of your total business budget and used to take a lot of time to develop one to the perfection. Thanks to the developers and innovative minds, those days are long gone and in fact, creating websites has become very easy and mostly DIY. Here is the list of some best website building tools for your business. These tools are easy to use and can help you with developing the websites based on your ideas.

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Best Website Building Tools


Layers is one of the best WordPress theme to use for building your dream website. Now, you may be thinking why am I talking about WordPress theme and not about website building tool. These days, almost every product website, company portfolio websites you see online are based on WordPress theme. Layers is one of the most user-friendly themes among the plethora of themes and it comes with ‘point and click’ site building options.

Top 7 Best Website Building Tools for Your Business 1

The theme is free for downloading and it is being used by more than 650k people across the globe. The customization is powered by ‘point and click’ means there is no need for coding. Designed to deliver the best mobile viewing experience, the Layers automatically reacts to the screen and your content. The theme also does support WooCommerce and is SEO friendly. The ability to see the changes you make instantly is one of the important feature of Layers I liked.

If you would like to get the full customization controls unlocked then you may have to go for the Layers Pro. At just $59, support single domain, the Layers Pro 2 supports more options in header customization, menu customization, blog customization, footer, button and widgets customization. You can buy support for up to 5 domains for $99 and unlimited domains at $199.


Website building tools are supposed to user friendly even for a person who do not know anything about coding. Keeping that in mind, Strikingly is another great platform which offers services to create beautiful looking websites under 30 minutes. The time I have mentioned may come as a surprise to many, the only proof to back up that is the testimonials from the existing customers.

The video above shows how easy the process and that is why, Strikingly is one of the best website building tools that is currently available. The websites are responsive, the look and feel of the website will hold in all sorts of screens. The pricing seems reasonable, they have a free plan where you host your site under domain, $16/month unlocks the pro package and $8/month gives you access to the limited package. The service also offers 14 days’ free trail program.


This site is for who loves the Bootstrap CSS. Imagine, custom templates designed using Twitter Bootstrap elements and you get to download all those templates for free of cost. Then, head over to Bootswatch, where you can find lot of themes for bootstrap distributed under open source license.

Top 7 Best Website Building Tools for Your Business 2

The installation is easy, download CSS and replace the one in existing bootstrap. By subscribing to the newsletters, you will be notified on all the latest updates.


With HTML5 and CSS you can create the most beautiful and yet, responsive websites. The folks at HTML5 UP gave wings to this idea and the result, one of the best website building tools. A platform where you can download and use under creative commons license 100% free.

Top 7 Best Website Building Tools for Your Business 3

All the themes are fully responsive, built using HTML5 and CSS, customizable to the core. As of today, there are more than 50+ free themes available for download. You get to see a demo of the theme before you finalize on the theme.


Same as the HTML5 UP platform, Pixelarity also offers a wide variety of HTML and CSS based themes to download. There are more than 90+ responsive themes available (both paid and free) to download.

Top 7 Best Website Building Tools for Your Business 4

Unlike HTML5 UP, the Pixelarity can help you with hosting your sites and get you in touch with professionals, if incase of any technical assistance. To start using their services, you must create an account which is free.


With a collection of 850+, the Templated is one of the best website building tools where your search for the perfect HTML5 and CSS based theme may end. As an icing on the cake, all the themes are built by the creators of the platform and is distributed free under creative commons license.

Top 7 Best Website Building Tools for Your Business 5

Whether it’s the landing page, magazine theme, product theme the Templated got it all. The only problem with the platform is the lack of proper organization of themes. There are no filters to categorize the listing and you may end up scrolling through all 850+ themes before you find the suitable one.


The WordPress is one of the extensively used blogging platforms in the world. The recent updates have made the platform very easy to use. Backed up with a powerful code base, the WordPress platform offers one of the best website building tools, ranging from plugins, themes and more, to build your website from scratch.

Top 7 Best Website Building Tools for Your Business 6

The entire procedure is simple; head to WordPress, create a new account. You can choose to host your site under WordPress domain (which is free) or host is individually (paid). Both the case, the dashboard, the backend of the site where you manage functions of running your website, is similar and very easy to use. Once you select the perfect theme from a collection of millions of both paid and free themes, you are all ready to get started. Just create new post and publish it. There is zero coding involved and that is why, WordPress is one of the most used blogging platforms in the world.

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