TOP 10 Famous Websites and Applications Built with Angular

Why Angular websites are popular? Google released Angular in 2010 and since that moment, this tool has become the number one solution for millions of developers from all over the globe. Thanks to its simplicity, a broad selection of features and functionality, Angular websites quickly became the best JavaScript framework that allows programming specialists to build dynamic web applications faster. Simply put, it’s a whole solution for building a perfect front end of the app without the necessity to use other frameworks. Web development is easier with Angular websites.

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In this comprehensive review, we’ll have a look at the key benefits of this tool and provide you with the examples of the best Angular websites and applications for you to make sure that this powerful tool can easily make your app stand out in terms of simplicity, performance, and appearance.

Why Angular Is Preferred by Developers for Mobile and Web Apps?

Before we review the most popular Angular websites examples, check the main benefits of this tool. They might help you understand why developers from all over the world prefer it:

  • This tool supports MVC architecture. All a developer should do is only to spit up the app into the main components and control the rest with the help of Angular.
  • The use of a template option allows you to display the information from the controller.
  • Dependency Injection. This tool allows programming specialists to inject various components and services into the required places, avoiding the necessity to break the logic.
  • Two Way Data building option is a superb tool that allows developers to see what changes they’ve made in the model.
  • Its Directives are powerful attributes that improve the overall functionality of all the HTML elements.

It goes without saying that Angular is a powerful solution that enables developers to create engaging designs, high-quality SPAs, and much more!

Overview of the Most Popular Angular sites/App Examples

Let’s move on to discussing the most successful and widely used Angular websites and apps.


It’s a popular source for user-generated stock images and video clips. Here, you can find a wide array of professional photos and video clips. Some of them are offered for free whereas others require payment. This well-known website is built with Angular.


The mobile version of this website is developed using Angular. It’s a well-known service where you can rate and watch films. This is the service where you can find lots of genuine reviews on this or that movie.


Just have a look at Gmail service and you’ll see how powerful Angular can be. Its main distinctive features are the uninterrupted experience that it can give to users and a clear interface. Today, this service has more than 1.5 billion users. Hands down, it’s the most popular and reliable mailing service! The initial load may take a few seconds but when the mailing box is finally loaded, you can open any folder or email in a matter of seconds. Moreover, the Gmail app is also available offline. If you don’t have access to the internet, you can still open some emails.


This is one of the best airline services in the USA. It carries its operations across the country, the Caribbean, Latin America, and South America. Their highly intuitive website is also built with the help of Angular.


This website needs no introduction, but it is also created on the basis of Angular 5. The website processes the queries of more than 70 million users per month. The platform covers a broad selection of themes ranging from breaking news to the innovation in the area of technology. Due to the reusable codebase, the website runs well on absolutely any device. It also provides its users with an uninterrupted experience. All interesting posts appear organically.


It’s a superb platform that helps freelancers and employers find each other online. All the employer should do is just to write a post and describe a project that should be completed. Thanks to this platform, they can easily find freelancers that are ready to complete the task. Today, the website has more than 15 million users from all over the globe. However, to get the project, they need to stand out from the crowd.

The website has more than 100 million users per month. It’s another example of the Angular websites that are built with Angular JS. Here, you can find a wide array of weather forecasts, fascinating facts, informative posts and much more! To develop this service, programming experts used such Angular features as real-time broadcasting and integration with different apps.


Angular websites are the example of the eCommerce website that is also based on this tool. It sells, home items, furniture, clothes, and luggage. This company is based in the USA. However, they also ship to Europe.


It’s not a simple website. Localytes is a well-known marketing platform for application owners that pursues one goal – to help build good customer relationships with the help of analytics. First, the platform was based on Backbone but later its programming experts decided to start using Angular. The services that are offered by this platform are appreciated by more than 6,000 companies in the world, including Microsoft and eBay.


At a glance, it is a simple shopping application. However, it provides its users with a perfect shopping experience. It runs smoothly and has a wide array of superb features. One of them is the capability to share photos with other users to make sure you do the right choice. This superb platform is also based on Angular. 

We have just analyzed the best Angular apps that have already got millions of users. So we can see that this tool is a brilliant choice for developers. No matter what goals you wish to achieve – whether you wish to create a simple messaging app or a powerful eCommerce platform, Angular might help you solve a huge amount of front-end development issues.

TOP 10 Famous Websites and Applications Built with Angular 1
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