Six Tips for Writing on Your Blackberry

If you own a Blackberry and you're an avid blogger whose always writing pillar articles or important blog posts of any kind, hopefully you've discovered the convenience that comes with writing on your phone. Blackberry comes with a Microsoft Word platform called Word To Go that includes most word processing features (a paid Premium version comes with more features) and allows viewing, editing and saving in a .doc format. Here are six tips for writing blog posts on your Blackberry with ease.

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1. Have multiple files. If your file is on the lengthy side (fifty pages or more), I recommend that you separate it into sections or chapters for your phone. It can take a very long time for your Blackberry to open a large file, and it can also be easier to search through it if you break it into smaller pieces.

2. Get acquainted with the Find feature. You don't have a mouse on your Blackberry, and Word To Go only allows you to skip to the very top of your file or to the very bottom. If you need to get somewhere in the middle, hopefully you're familiar enough with your text to remember a word in the section you are looking for. Select find in the menu, enter the word and be taken to it in your document.

3. Back everything up. Writing while you're on the bus is incredibly convenient, but your smartphone is just like any other computer, and your files need to be backed up. Your Blackberry comes with a USB cable, so be sure to transfer your files to your computer as often as you can. Blackberry's Word To Go also allows you to directly e-mail your files, so send yourself a copy whenever you get the chance.

4. Be careful when editing in multiple places simultaneously. If you've made recent changes to your work on your phone, make sure you transfer the newest version to your computer before making any new changes there, and vice versa. Definitely double-check your work before you publish the post.

5. Give your phone a password. If you lose your phone or it gets stolen, the last thing you want is some idiot off the street finding your valuable blog content and claiming it as their own. Your Blackberry allows you to create a password prompt whenever your keypad is unlocked. A Blackberry can be replaced, but your work is something you'll definitely want to keep thieves from accessing.

6. Check out what Premium Word To Go has to offer. Uploading to Premium allows you to not only create documents in Word, but in Excel and PowerPoint as well. It also makes for easier sorting, formatting, and editing features, such as Spell Check and find-and-replace features. If you can afford it, purchase the upgrade to Premium and further expand your word processing capabilities on your smartphone.

7. Don't let everyone think you're just texting all the time. You can turn the old cliché of the blogger on his iPad in a coffee shop or hunched over a laptop in a cluttered computer office on its head by polishing your work anywhere and at any time. This mobility will help you keep your blog up to date.



Mariana Ashley is a freelance writer who particularly enjoys writing about online college. She loves receiving reader feedback, which can be directed to mariana.ashley031




  1. Hi Mariana,

    Okay, I'm sold! Lately I've been needing a new phone, and been wondering what to get. I like the idea of a smart phone, but with so many to choose from, what to get??? Word To Go sounds like something that might help me make that choice in favor of the Blackberry.


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