What Makes A Good Website?

Websites that ensure the online presence of businesses are one of its most important assets. But having a quality, reliable, attractive, and engaging site requires time, work, and investment. You need a good and professional platform because you need to stand out from the crowd of millions of sites. When creating a website, you’d better pay attention to the following aspects:

  • clean code
  • attractive design
  • unique, plagiarism-free content 
  • optimization for the Internet
  • uncomplicated and effortless navigation

Let’s deep dive into these aspects one by one. 

1. Clean Code

Good website

A good website begins with a clean code. If your code is complicated, incorrect, or outdated, it won’t be visible for search engines and won’t appear in search results. Moreover, a messy code can slow down your site because of creating browser-rendering issues.

By writing a clean code that complies with all standards, you make the site visible for search engines automatically increasing the likelihood of reaching a high rank in result pages. Clean code doesn’t generate any browser-related issues and displays the entire website content correctly. It improves the site speed and ensures a smooth customer experience. So, before hiring a web development company, make sure they know how to write simple and clean code. 

2. Attractive Design 

Design is one of the key factors of quality sites. Beautiful and modern design attracts people, makes them check out the information on the page, and provides a smooth customer experience. People tend to remember visually appealing sites. So, make certain that your website works fast, has bright colors, big format images, website animation, and easily readable body text. Once you make a favorable first impression, the visitors will spend much time on your site and return later. 

3. Unique, Plagiarism-Free Content 

website content

Google hates plagiarism and penalizes platforms with stolen or duplicate text. So, if you want to appear among the top results on SERP, make certain to create exceptional, plagiarism-free texts that answer your clients’ queries and address issues. Original web content comes in many different ways. For example, some companies publish blog posts about their products and services, while others create FAQ articles. 

Google encourages focusing on clients and generating engaging and useful content. However, don’t forget to adjust your texts for the Internet as well by writing SEO-optimized titles, met descriptions, etc. 

4. Optimization for the Internet

No matter how engaging your site looks, it’s invisible if it doesn’t have traffic. After optimizing it for the Internet and search engine, your website will receive more traffic. But a general audience is no better than no audience. You should attract people who find the information you provide engaging, helpful, and valuable. 

The adjustment of your text for search engines starts with technical configurations to ensure that Google’s spiders can access all your pages. Then conduct keyword research, include them in your body text, and build powerful backlinks. Once your website complies with optimization criteria, you’ll be one step closer to having a good website. 

5. Uncomplicated and Effortless Navigation

High-quality and successful websites should have simple navigation. Users should find all sections, pages, and buttons effortlessly. If they are struggling with finding what they need, they will leave bounce from your website with an unpleasant impression.

The first step of having user-friendly and feasible navigation is creating an intuitive menu. Most designers prefer hamburger menus since they allow organizing all the pages of a website under one button.

Final Thoughts

So, it’s impossible to have a quality website by buying a domain, hosting it somewhere random, choosing a topic, and filling it with duplicate content from the Internet. Designing a high-quality website takes effort and work. You should make sure it has clean code, attractive design, original and SEO-optimized content, and simple navigation. Several other aspects should also be considered, but these five are the essential ones. 

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