TemplateMonster Christmas Giveaway Is on Your Doorstep!

Are you thinking of a nice present for people that you care about? Perhaps, giving them an opportunity to do their own online business could be just great! Pick a template that responds to the needs of your loved ones and make them a REALLY useful present, not just a Harry Potter-like sweater with deer.

template monster giveaway

Those, who think that it might not be a good idea to make the life of others even more complicated, could just take the easy way and get a blog for you dear ones. Or maybe even for yourself. After all, no one knows better. Blogs are just awesome when it comes to picking up a present. Everyone has the basic needs like bragging, being interesting or just showing off. Don’t miss the opportunity to get a great modern present for FREE.

Perhaps, your girlfriend has always been thinking about an online shop with do-it-yourself staff? Or you father works as a mechanic and wants to build up a site that will sell car parts to make some extra money? Even people, who has never dealt with WordPress and Joomla like them could easily have a shop like that with 24/7 TemplateMonster’s support team. So there is no need to worry they will not use your present wisely.

How to Win

The process of winning is pretty simple. Find a theme you are looking by clicking on one of the links below and making your choice. Don’t forget to tell us why and share it with your friends on social accounts for extra points. More points you get, more chances for you to be one of the lucky 5. Do not forget that your comment is the key to participation in the giveaway.

For a chance to win:

  1. CLICK HERE if you want a WordPress Template or HERE if you are a Joomla fan. Please, choose the ONE that you want the most and tell us about your choice in your comment.

  2. In the comments below, state the name of the theme, the URL of the theme, and the reason why you want that theme.

For example:

I want to win the Bootstrap Cherry Framework Responsive WordPress Theme #43711 because it’s perfect for a business website that I’m launching soon and it looks like I don’t have to customize the theme very much to get the results that I want.


Giveaway Details

It is extremely important that you leave only valid email address, so that we can reach you when it is time to send the templates to you! The winner will be selected randomly. The more points you get for sharing it with your friends more chances you have to win. Please, remember that it takes time for the moderator to process your comment. Be patient, and follow the instructions!

The Giveaway is going to last only one week after its launch, which means your time is limited. Hurry up! Good Luck!!!

TemplateMonster Christmas Giveaway Is on Your Doorstep! 1
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