Try 7 Quick Simple Solutions to Fix Surface Pen Not Working

Is your surface pen not working? Sorry about that! But worry no more, we have come up with 7 ultimate solutions to fix suface pro pen not working.

Surface Pen is a digital input device designed by Microsoft for its Surface computers. It is a digital pen that allows a user to directly write on the screen of your laptop or tablet. It is a very useful tool for artists who make digital artworks and is a really cool accessory to be used with your Surface Computer or any other device that allows using a Digital Pen.

surface pen

Surface Pen Not Working

Sometimes, due to several reasons, you may face the issue of Surface Pen not working. Sometimes, it misbehaves when used on certain apps. We are going to tell you all the possible solutions to get your Surface Pen back to work.

Disclaimer: These are the solutions we researched, tried and found successful. Some solutions are for software problems and some for hardware problems. Please follow these methods at your own risk.

Ways to Fix Your Surface Pen not writing

Most of the time, your Surface pro pen not working issue may be because of simple reasons like old batteries or your Bluetooth being disconnected. Other times, there might be some software problem. Let’s see all the ways to bring your Surface Pen back to life:

1. Update your system

The root of most problems in Windows can very often be traced to the system not being up to date. A simple update may fix the problem of your Surface Pen not working. Here’s how you update Windows:

Step 1: Press Windows Key + I.

windows settings

Step 2: Click on Update and Security.

update & Security

Step 3: Choose Check for Updates and make sure you have a proper internet connection.

Step 4: Once all updates are installed, reboot your device.

This may have solved your problem of the surface pro pen not working. For more, refer to the below provided solutions.

2. Unpair and pair with your device to fix surface pen not writing

Sometimes, a glitch in the Bluetooth might stop your pen from functioning properly. Unpairing and pairing your pen with your device may get the job done. If surface pen not writing do the following steps.

Step 1: Press Windows Key+I.

Step 2: Click on Devices.


Step 3: Select Bluetooth and other Devices from the left panel.


Step 4: Find your pen’s name in the paired devices. Remove it to fix surface pro pen not working.

Step 5: Pair it again by searching for new devices.

This can bring your pen working again if surface pen not writing. If this method works, whenever your pen disconnects, you can follow the steps above.

3. Check the battery of your pen


The Surface pen uses two batteries. One powers the pen and the other is for the buttons. There is a possibility that your battery might not be working properly and because of it, you are facing a surface pro pen not working issue. Just replace it. After that, check if the pen is working. If yes, then your Surface Pen will become as good as new.

If the problem of the Surface pen not working still persists, you may check the app or program that you are using is correct or not. You can fix surface pro pen not working by using the following method.

4.  Check if you are using correct App or Program

Not every app available on your Surface device can support the Surface Pen. Make sure that the app you are using supports the pen or not to fix surface pro pen not working. There is a simple way to find out:

Step 1: Tap on the pen icon on the taskbar to open Windows Ink Workspace.

Step 2: Choose a Screen sketch, then try and draw with your pen.

If it works, then the app is not compatible with the Surface Pen. Your pen, on the other hand, works fine.

5. Reboot your Surface Pen

reboot surface pen

The classic maneuver that often ends up solving the mightiest of technical problems- Restarting your device. Rebooting your Surface Pen is very easy. Just press and hold the button of your pen for 10 seconds. The problem of “Surface Pen Not Working” should be fixed.

6. Troubleshooting for surface pen not working

The issue of your surface pen not writing or surface pro pen not working can be solved by running the Windows in-built troubleshooter.

To do so, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to settings by pressing Windows Key+I.

Step 2: Go to Updates & Security.


Step 3: In the left panel, choose Troubleshoot to fix surface pen not working.

settings for troubleshooting

Step 4: Choose Hardware and Devices.

Step 5: Click Run the Troubleshooter.

If the problem is simple and glitch related, your pen will start working properly. You can also try and troubleshoot Bluetooth.

7. Replace your Surface Pen

There may be a chance that your surface pen is damaged beyond repair. In this case, you will have to change it. Go to Microsoft Support on either the online portal or if possible, your nearest Microsoft Store to get help.


Microsoft’s Surface Pen is an extremely useful device. It makes taking notes and scribbling on your screen very easily. Artists can doodle and make some awesome artworks using this incredible device. So, naturally, when your pen stops working, it causes a lot of trouble. We have tried to solve this issue of the Surface Pen not working by providing the easiest of solutions. By performing the steps above, your pen will be back to work.

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