Stumble Upon Celebrates 10 Million Global Users at San Francisco

Stumble upon is a unique social networking platform which allows users to share their content without leaving their page. The stumble upon toolbar became the top 20 extension for chrome and Firefox in a span of few years. Last month (May 2010) StumbleUpon blog reported 118% growth in active stumblers since 2009 and #1 rank among social media traffic sources in the US. Today I just saw a notification from Stumble-upon that "StumbleUpon has reached a new milestone - acquiring its 10 millionth user - and you're invited to celebrate this special occasion with us!"

Stumble upon celebrates it 10 million milestone at San Francisco on June 17th. Everybody is invited to take part at the party. They're raffling off iPads and will have StumbleUpon schwag, as well as painting with Sirron Norris, and a glass coat photobooth.

10 million stumblers

Statcounter a traffic monitoring website reported that StumbleUpon is #1 among the top social media traffic sources in the U.S. StatCounter also reported that it was #2 globally (just behind Facebook) for social media traffic sources, ahead of Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Digg, MySpace, and "other". The other top social media sites to generate global website traffic after Facebook, StumbleUpon and Twitter are YouTube (6%), reddit (4%), Digg (2%) and MySpace (2%). Here's the global ranking status of major social networking sites on March 2010.

ranking list of social networking sites

Stumble upon is a great way to get traffic for your blog. I'll be writing a follow-up article about how to successfully generate traffic from stumble upon  for your blog.   And if you are at San Francisco don't miss the Stumble Upon celebration.


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