Getting started with Cloud CRM solutions

With the use of internet on its peak, cloud computing is at its peak right now with cloud storage and other services and every company ranging from the popular ones to the not so popular ones bringing the services based on the cloud. Today we are going to talk about the web based enterprise solutions for CRM that is the cloud CRM solution.

Well i know many of you not familiar with CRM must be thinking what the hell CRM is, well a CRM or Customer Relationship Management as the name conveys is a system that every organization uses in order to maintain and manage their interaction with the customers and at the same establish strong bonds of relationship for a longer period of time.

Cloud CRM

Why use a cloud based CRM database?

We all know how important customers are for a company, a company is all about its customers, they are surely nothing without them. Keeping these facts in mind, several organizations that are known to offer cloud CRM services are gaining popularity because of their unique solutions interactive solution for the customer. Basically CRM focuses on your enterprise’s number one priority—creating a satisfactory customer experience that will delight your current clients and help you acquire new ones more quickly.

As the cloud based services are the trend right now, it would be pretty dated to think of keeping a database of your customers so this is where cloud CRM come into play with there ability to host technology of maintaning customers without having to maintain the cumbersome database.

Cloud CRM

Benefits of cloud CRM

The best thing about the cloud CRM services is that the agents, supervisors, and executives of the same compnay can all access the same information in real time on the internet. There are plenty of cloud CRM providers which can meet the need of a company. Companies that wish to integrate their CRM systems into cloud can approach these service providers for the same.

This basically means is as long as a user has an Internet connection, access to the cloud CRM applications and software is very easy, thus making customer interactions more timely, less costly plus the ease of use is great. By putting CRM in the cloud means that you do not have to purchase expensive hardware or software and the cloud solution is much less time consuming plus you can access them from anywhere.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from a cloud CRM database. Whether you’re a solo professional, a small business, or a medium to large sized customer, knowing more about your pipeline will help you better manage volumes, better manage customers, and increase customer loyalty.  A cloud CRM database helps businesses of all sizes, regardless of how ambitious your goals are.

Cloud CRM


Today, according to industry experts 90% of all CRM software providers either already offer a cloud based computing alternative or plan to within the next 18 months.  The reason for this migration from desktop programs to cloud based ones is due simply to the appetite of small to mid-size companies that are anxious to reduce the operational cost associated with maintaining in-house computer hardware and software.  The current economic climate has placed a significant financial burden on these companies who have found themselves working with dated hardware and software programs.

Today, customer relationship management (CRM) software is a must-have for companies that want to keep in touch with their clients. And for very small companies, the most compelling CRM products live in the cloud. There are many free cloud CRM systems while some others provide you more premium features but they are good on the pricing front too. With improved security from these services, cloud CRM may become an IT staple in the near future.

Getting started with Cloud CRM solutions 1
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