Sonata Stride Hybrid Smart Watch Review

Sonata Stride Hybrid Smart Watch Review 1

Technology is changing our lives from the most basic to the most extreme ways possible. Up until a few years back, we would have never thought of having a device that would help us track time, measure our footsteps and also tell us about our missed calls. But, that is how technology has changed the world of watches. 

Watches used to be very standard analogue design based till 1990’s, then came about the invention of digital watches to be followed by smart watches. Today, we’ve the perfect combination of all 3 – giving us features that were hard to imagine in a watch till a few years back. 

In this review, we look at one such watch from Sonata. The Sonata Stride Pro and what it has to offer. 

Sonata Stride Pro – A Hybrid Smartwatch

As we discussed above, the genre of watches has seen rapid transformation over the last few years. A hybrid watch is simply an amalgamation between traditional and modernistic design achievements. Sonata as a brand is a pioneer in the field of watches, since it comes under the iconic Titan brand. 

What intrigues us about the Sonata Stride Pro is that in it’s first impression, it’s just like any other traditional watch, with a very basic design that is classy and pleasing. However, it has so much to offer to the young and tech savvy audience, that it’s hard to not be in awe of it’s design and features. 

The Design 

Sonata Stride Hybrid Smart Watch Review 2

The smartwatch has a black leather strap and also a black dial – the black color goes well with the overall design, which isn’t over the board and is kept rather formal. As per Sonata, the watch is water resistant uptil 30 meters down the water, which is again a solid feature to have. 

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Time changes can be done with the standard button located right near to “3” hour and a button is placed adjacent to hour “2” for one to be able to manage the watch via their smartphone. The stride’s follow my watch feature allows you to easily track your lost watch via your smartphone. The camera control allows you to click a picture with this button next to hour “2” – a convenient and innovative use of your watch. 

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The Features 

The caller alert : this features allows you to always be in touch with your smartphone, even if you’re away from it. Connecting your Sonata Stride Pro to your phone ensures that you get a notification regarding a missed call straight onto your smartwatch. So if you’re out for a run for instance and aren’t carrying your smartphone, you need not be fearful of missing out on an important call. 

Battery life: what is the use of buying a premium watch if it doesn’t suffice to a quality battery life! This is exactly where Sonata has hit the bull’s eye. The battery life is promised to last upto an year by the company. 

Alarms : setting up your smartwatch with your smartphone will allow it to give you vibrating reminders, to ensure that you do not miss out on important schedules through the day. 

Water resistant : the Sonata Stride Pro is absolutely water resistant upto 30mm under the water. This is absolutely a needed feature in a country like India where the weather is ever-changing. Suppose you get wet in the rain and ruin your watch, that’s money down the drain! The water resistant feature protects your watch against such mishaps. 

Fitness tracker: The watch comes with a step and calorie tracker to be the perfect accompaniment to your desire towards a more fitter and healthier lifestyle. The watch also has a buddy feature, allowing you to measure your success with your friends and set daily goals for your own-self. 

Sedentary alert : this feature is very unique and is often unheard of in watches. This feature tends to alert you whenever you’ve been sitting in one position for too long, to change your posture. We can set this notification timer from 15,30,45 to 60 minutes. Incase you don’t want this notification, you can simply turn it off. 

What’s our final verdict? 

If you’re looking for a modernistic watch with super cool classy design and absolutely upto-date modern features, you need not look further than Sonata Stride Pro. The watch caters to different target segments I.e. people looking for a simple hybrid watch, health enthusiasts or even tech savvys, Sonata Stride Pro offers something to all these audiences. With an asking price of 3,495 – Sonata Stride Pro is a very solid watch in it’s price range and we definitely give it a very strong recommendation. 

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