Socl- Get Ready For One More Social Network By Microsoft

Microsoft unveiled the new social network “SocL” on Thursday which is open to public for registration. Socl is a research project developed by Microsoft Research FUSE Labs which first initiated to emphasis on students for learning purposes. In fact Socl was launched in the last year as beta release only for college students and employees of Microsoft, now Socl is accepting public registration, you can sign up using your Facebook or Hotmail ID.

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What Exactly is Socl?


Socl which is pronounced as social is an another social network website by Microsoft to share posts, interests and follow the people. One more interesting thing in Socl is “video parties” where you can watch movies as well as YouTube videos and chat with a group about your experience, this one is something new stuff in Socl that you won’t get in other popular social network sites.  You will also mess with some new keywords over here, one of them is “riff” and riff is nothing but a visual response to a post.

How Socl is different from Facebook?

Socl looks completely different comparing to facebook, it seems the mixture of Pinterest and Metro UI which was introduced recently in Windows 8. According to Microsoft’s statements in FAQ page Socl is not intended to compete with the established social networks such as Facebook instead Socl is a experimental research project with a minimal set of features such as sharing posts, interests and make a profile.

Posting on Socl is a new experience, you can share videos and photos along with your thoughts over here. You will be taken to the post creator to discover images, videos  and links to create your post, once done with this the post creator assembles all the stuff into a collage that will posted in your “Posts” panel.

My Experience with Socl

how to create post in socl

I shared on of my blog post “Find the Theme or Plugins Installed in any WordPress site” in Socl and it was really a cool experience. I specified the title and article link and click on “+” sign that allowed me to choose images from my post. After adding some 4 images I posted it and looked awesome in posts panel.

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Socl- Get Ready For One More Social Network By Microsoft 1
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