Infographic; Smart Technology Gadget Origins: From the Movies to the Market

You might not stop to think about it in your everyday life, but the world we live in today would be what fiction writers 50 years ago consider science fiction. Take a look around at some of the commonplace items you use daily: your laptop, smartphone, tablet and the internet. While you might take these for granted, many of these didn’t exist even 15 years ago except for in the minds of writers. Thanks to technological advancements and the ingenuity of scientists and inventors these previously impossible devices are now embedded into your daily life.

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Of course, not all science fiction predictions come true. Flying cars are not the main method of transportation and people don’t eat food in pill form. For the most part, the basics still haven’t changed but it’s in the smaller areas of convenience where human innovation has bloomed. Take Star Trek for example. Back in 1996 Motorola released the first flip phone, the StarTAC, which was directly inspired by Star Trek’s communicator. Today’s tablet, while maybe not directly influenced by Star Trek, is strikingly similar to their PADD (Personal Access Display Device).


Interested to see what other ways science fiction stories have made it into your life? The infographic below covers some of the most recognizable tech from Star Trek and other science fiction stories and their real world equivalents. The rapid advancement of technology ensures that at least some of the ideas and technology science fiction writers come up with today will definitely be a reality in the near future.

Infographic; Smart Technology Gadget Origins: From the Movies to the Market 1
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