Send Anonymous Secret Messages Via Email Without Revealing Your Details

anonymous manEver wanted to send anonymous messages to someone without letting him know who you are? Today I introduce The site that lets you send secret messages to friends and family or anyone who you would like to send anonymous message to.  This is the best way if you want someone to know something that’s wrong with them or the way they are behaving without letting them know it is you.  The cool this is that this service is absolutely a free service.

Mostly people might like this service to spam someone, but remember if there’s something that you want to say but don’t know how to say it? Z?-N?-M?[RE]!  Zanomo was founded on the principles that the world could potentially improve if people had a means of communicating their real feelings without feeling discouraged by the fact that there may be adverse effects to revealing them.

We have posted many articles about services which help you in making a best decision for a confusing problem. And How To Know The Best Decision For You?

Zanomo have few unique features which allow you to send messages as Email Intervention, Secret Message, Questionnaire and Poll.

Email Intervention

email intervention zanamoYou can send email messages to someone without letting them know your details. You can use this service in situations where you want to say something but can't do so, because often, the person that you want to communicate with is not going to accept the message for what it’s worth.

In these cases, the Email Intervention feature can be used to provide pooled responses from those affected and have the results sent to the clueless soul.

Sign-up and invite a few people to chime in and voice their opinions on the matter – of course being anonymous is an option, but you can also tell it like it is, straight up and with full disclosure of who thinks what.  Once the results are in, hit the send button and the clueless soul will be clueless no more.

Secret Message

send a secret message

This service allows you to send a Secret Message to someone you know. you can use this service to anonymously give a tip, profess your feelings, provide other information, or any means which you need the other person need to know. But be honest, please do not spam someone using this service :)

Even though, it is a secret message, the person who receives the message can even reply to you, although they won’t know who you are.  So that you can continue your conversation anonymously with them. This service is so advanced that there is no way to trace the message back to the user who initiated it, so please use responsibly.


Questionnaire zanamoThis is just like asking someone about their opinion on what decision you made. Wonder no more simply ask them using the Questionnaire feature.  I think this is the best way to get the brutally honest responses from people is to make it anonymous isn't it?. People will feel more comfortable about voicing their honest opinions.  If you create a questionnaire, you will have the power to determine whether it is anonymous or fully disclosed.  You can most often use this feature with a Yes/No/No Comment type of response.


Poll zanamoAs you know what Poll means, this is just the same. You can ask your friends for a best decision for your confusing problem. Do you need their help making a decision that has multiple options?  Then this is the feature which you can use to clarify with your friends for the best decision or option.  You can create a poll, and determine whether the responses are received anonymously or fully disclosed.

If you need that your details should not be revealed, then you can set it in such a way that the person who gets the mail will not not who your are. And if you want them to know who you are, then you can also set in such a way too.

It’s up to you if you want to see how people answer but remember, if it’s anonymous, you’re more likely to get their honest opinions.

I hope you like this post and the features of Zonomo. But be honest with the features and services they offer, never use it to spam someone. Please do not intend to these services in malicious ways. So how and for what you are going use Zonomo services? Drop us a comment below.

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