Ride Easy With The New End-To-End Biking Features In Google Maps

Owing to the rapidly increasing demand for bicycle navigation around the globe, Google Maps has introduced a new bicycle navigation feature. A recorded 69% growth in the requests for bicycle navigation has fuelled up Google maps to deliberately facilitate a few biking-related features in some main cities. 

Biking Features In Google Maps

The current pandemic situations and knit together safety measures are demanding people across the world to hop on bikes. Akin remote working arrangements are also imbibing an augmented need for working on pumping out that extra baggage of stay at home concerns. Whether people are hitting the road to get their heart pumping or commute safely, Google Maps is presenting the best possible results for easy biking. 

Google maps have strived to bring out the most up-to-date bike routes, achieved by combining machine learning, complex algorithms, and an expertized understanding of real-world conditions based on the information in the form of imagery and data from government authorities and community contributions. Hence, data true and reliable to the present road conditions are believed to be presented on the Maps.

 Google Maps Biking Features In

The various forms of bike lanes like the flat, steep, or curved are traced on Google Maps. Thereby providing sufficient data for an easy-breezy bike ride. Information regarding less traversed unfriendly streets like tunnels, stairs, and poor surface conditions are also visibly imprinted in the added feature. So, the riders can accordingly choose to ride as per their convenience.

However, the best route, which Google Maps are known to have always presented, is subject to change and Google Maps have reported working on the same. Please consider reading this for detailed information.

Many Cities are being cited for adding and widening bike lanes to accommodate more riders, thereby encouraging safe and smooth cycling. Google Maps is reportedly working to integrate hundreds of thousands of new bike lanes in the coming months. Local government agencies are supposed to provide related data through Google’s Geo Data Upload tool to have their latest bike lane information reflected in Google Maps.  

As more and more people choose eco-friendly bike rides, people are noticeably buying new bikes, fixing up old ones, or turning to bike-sharing options. Google has also observed an almost doubled search interest for “bike repair near me” hit an all-time high this month. Considered to previous years, this information is most demanded in the recent CoVID-19 situations. The lockdown and closed schools have exponentially incremented the graph of potential cycle riders.

Google Maps Cycling- Go more environmentally conscious!

Google is also rolling out more detailed information on bike-sharing. A dockless bike and scooter integration with Lime in more than 100 cities is facilitated by Google over the years. This has introduced real-time docked bike-share information. The real-time availability of shared bikes at the allocated stations is depicted for riders. Riders opting for bike-sharing can willingly trace and locate the availability and location of the shared bikes in their locality, through this feature. 

The new feature presents end-to-end directions that include docked bike-share information, depicting a detailed walking direction to the dock from your starting point. Steps in the biking feature are elaborate and reliable. Further from the dock to the destination, and then the bike-share station closest to your destination with live dock availability is interfaced. Not ending at that, the maps also locate, walking directions from the dock to your final destination. Additionally, for some cities, Maps will show you links to open the relevant bike-share app, which will aid in easy booking and unlocking of bikes.

Biking Features In Google Maps

Google Maps has knowingly taken extra efforts to build deeper integration with some bike rental companies in numerous cities, thereby making the reservation course simpler while navigating. All of Google’s bike-sharing partners have reported having taken steps to increase their cleaning protocols during COVID-19. Google along with its local partners appears to have kept the safety and cleanliness norms on minds, encouraging all to follow local health and safety guidelines. 

With all these features and information on Google Maps, bicycle-riders will be able to catch some fairly tough shortcuts and ride safely, when on two wheels.

How to use Google Maps Cycling directions?

Follow the below directions to conveniently use the Google Maps Cycling feature, in case you are new to Google Maps.

  1. Open to Google Maps Page at http://maps.google.com
  2. Click Get Directions
  3. Enter your starting address into the first field
  4. Enter your destination into the first field
  5. On the dropdown menu, select Bicycling
  6. Select Get Directions
  7. Google Maps will automatically choose a route that’s not too steep and that will be more suitable for bicycles. Google will suggest several routes, from the shortest to the longest trip. Some routes may take slightly longer but may be preferable for other reasons, such as avoiding busy intersections or rough terrain. Choose your preferred route.
  8. The blue lines on the map are customizable to suit your convenience, wherever you want to move it to [source: Google].

All additional Google Maps features stay in line to the augmented features for your added ease.

Happy Cycling!

Ride Easy With The New End-To-End Biking Features In Google Maps 1
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