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tweet icon retweet imageHey, as you know, Twitter is a great way for marketing your blog or business. Getting lots of retweets will surely bring in more visitors to your blog. More retweets means more interesting your page is. So how to boost retweets to your page? Post quality and reputation of the page is really the important thing. But if you feel that your article didn't get noticed even if it is interesting then try marketing strategy. So Twitter is the best way to promote your page.the more followers you have the more visits you get. But you can also get visitors if others can retweet your tweet. is a great service to get retweet for your post. is currently run by 2 people, a father and son operation. They have worked very hard to get where it is today. which is what we believe to be one of the best retweet service on the web.

How it works?

It is just simple, When you retweet for others, you get points and then you can submit your tweet using those points and when others see your tweets they will retweet your tweet to get points. So the tweets you submit will be circulated around many.

retweet it free twitter traffic

To start getting retweets just login to using Twitter account login. Then, you'll need to get retweet credits. You can either purchase credits or earn credits by retweeting tweets of other members.  You'll be given 3 reTweet credits when you when you signup.

There are few rules in reTweet.t

  • You need to have minimum of 50 followers in twitter to start getting credits.
  • Submissions to are limited to 140 characters. (just like twitter).

Ways to earn credits:

  • 1 Retweet Credits per 2 retweets. When you browse page and retweet messages that you like.
  • 5 Reweet credits when friends you referred signup.
  • You can also purchase retweet credits if you are upto a big business.
    $5 - 50 Retweet Credits
    $10 - 100 Retweet Credits
    $25 - 300 Retweet Credits
Here’s a brief about upcoming features in

They do have some new features coming in the next couple of months.

  • Each reTweet submission will receive it's own page. Those pages will not only give a link from a currently PR 4 site, but they also stand the chance of being indexed by search engines which could generate additional traffic that can supplement the Twitter traffic that is generated.
  • All links will also feature click tracking with a simple analytic system that can help users see how much traffic site is actually generating, a common question.
  • will be upgrading to a merchant account system to accept credit card payments directly on the site. This will be more convenient, reliable, and polished for our end users.

So what are you waiting for? Start retweeting. Do let us know your thoughts on



  1. I was looking for some info and was searching on for it. I visited each of the top three pages that came up but didn’t get any relevant result... I then luckily found your diamond forum in the dirt and thought to check it out. This is what I wanted!

    Cheers dudes at and keep your great effort up.

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  3. A wonderful post Sreejesh, you've explained this service really well, actually this is a wonderful service, but has got very less attention. If you see my blog you'll see that many of my latest posts are getting more than 60 retweets all because of

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