Are you a DBA? You can be the Lucky one to get a FREE Ticket to Space.

Yes you read it right, Red Gate a U.K based Software Company has launched a campaign to send one lucky DBA (Database Administrator) into space. Red Gate has teamed up with Space Adventures Ltd to offer this cool getaway into space.
But to get this dream ticket into space, there's a five weeks of video based technical quizzes and challenges with a prize of a seat on a Space Adventures flight crossing 62 miles above space.

Red Gate DBA into space campaign

The contest has already begun at DBA in Space web site, the competition involves three questions every week, DBAs must unravel a Gordian knot of a plot by answering those questions correctly. Fifteen finalists will be selected from those who provide the best answers to quizzes.
But hold on, this competition is only open to DBA residing within UK, USA, CANADA, Australia or Germany. Out of which 15 DBA will be selected, and then the finalist winning DBA will be chosen based on public vote (tweets) and the feedback from expert panel.

Why send DBA to Space?

Red Gate runs this contest to appreciate DBAs across the world; Red Gate calls DBAs the real Masters of the Universe. It’s the humble DBA who makes it happen – the Master of Data who enables medical records to be summoned in the blink of an eye, keeps transport running smoothly, manages the data beneath the electrical grid for billions of people and provides instant access to news, music, phone calls, money and an endless supply of entertainment.

Red Gate Software's joint-CEO, Neil Davidson, says "the criteria for being a DBA is fairly broad, anyone that manages a proper database like an SQL server for instance, which in Red Gate would be a quarter of its staff. However, employees are not eligible to enter the competition."
The cost of this Space Adventure is expected to be something higher above $110,0003.
Here's a trailer video from their campaign featuring Brad McGehee as DBA and supported by Agent Verity Blunt.

Join Red Gate in saluting the scandalously underappreciated DBA. Strap on the helmet, don the gloves, and check out the once-in-a-lifetime adventure that begins here:

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