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If you have ever been to the Internet (which I am quite sure that you have), you would notice that more and more people are into videos. For people who consider the Internet as their proving ground, videos created through the use of screen recorders are considered priceless. Sometimes they record screen to make tutorials and upload them to major file sharing sites to distribute their knowledge to people from different parts of the world. Sometimes, even everyday ordinary people use videos created from screen recorders to give instruction or to explain a process. Needless to say, screen recording programs are indispensable in the Internet Age.

The only problem is, most good screen recording software out there are either priced like an engagement ring or doesn’t work exactly how you want it to be. There are free screen recorders out there but they are just sad copies of paid ones and are so limited in usage. Just do a quick search of “free screen recorders” and you will see what I mean. Still, there are some free screen recorders out there that are worth something and one in particular caught my attention. Apowersoft’s free online screen recorder may just have been one of those everyday ordinary free screen recorders out there but when you use it you can easily figure out why it stands out of the rest.

To give you an idea of how great the software is; here are some of the features of Apowersoft’s free online screen recorder.

  • Desktop Recording – This is the program’s bread and butter and this is where it excels the most. It records both audio and video so you never have to worry about anything else. Making a tutorial? Recording a game? Recording PC screen? Click on one simple button and you are good to go.
  • Video Editing – Unlike most free screen recorders out there that just records your screen; this recorder allows you to edit the videos you record. Forget about buying or downloading a new program for editing. This tool does it all.
  • Different Output – This tool allows you to convert your video to different formats like mp3, mp4 or 3gp. You will never have to worry about converting your file to suit different needs.
  • Screenshots – This tool allows you to take screenshots while recording. This is extremely important if you have a non-video version of your tutorial. The tool also gives you the option to either take a snapshot of the whole screen or just a specific region.
  • No time limit – Unlike most free screen recorders, this tool doesn’t have a time limit that is a total bummer. Now you can record whole games or just a minute of tutorial


Another good thing about the Apowersoft free online screen recorder is that it can record screen on Mac or PC. You don’t have to worry about interoperability ever again. Using it is such a breeze and will be a good experience for beginners and pros alike.


To further stress the point as to why the Apowersoft free online screen recorder is the best there is. Let us try to compare it to Camstudio which is one of the most popular screen recorders out there.

  • Screen Recording – They are actually even in this department. They both record good to excellent videos depending on the hardware. Also, Apowersoft does not put a watermark on the videos, it produces unlike Camstudio. Apowersoft also allows the user to play around with different modes in recording their videos.
  • Time limitation – Both programs does not have any time limitations but poses a problem to Camstudio because of the file formats it supports. This will be explained below.
  • File Format – Camstudio produces videos on AVI format which means large video files. Unlike Camstudio, Apowersoft gives you the option to change the output to file types that will take up less space.
  • Video Editing – This option is not present in Camstudio while Apowersoft has a built in video editing suite for ease of use.
  • Mac use – Camstudio is not available for Mac.

Between the two free programs, it is quite clear that Apowersoft is ahead. With its interoperability and built in functions, you can rest assured that everything you need is in the software.

If you are looking for a screen recorder minus the headaches then the Apowersoft free online screen recorder is what you need. Just click one button and you are good to go.

Record your screen for FREE by Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder 1
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