Reasons Why Should You Use Local Copy of jQuery Rather Than from JQuery Website

jQuery is the most useful JavaScript library to handle events and portray the website with cool effects and animations, it also allows you to interact with Ajax that makes the whole development work easy. jQuery is cross browser compatible that runs in Internet explorer, Firefox, Safari , Opera and Google Chrome. It complies with the CSS 1 to CSS 3 selectors so Jquery is a prominent JavaScript library which is free to use.

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Now the question is whether one should use a local copy of jQuery or from JQuery website by linking? First let me clarify what I mean is the local copy, local copy of jquery is the jquery file which you upload to your server so your webpage uses the script from your own server instead of using the script from jQuery website, below is the linking script which we usually use within html head tags that clarifies this-

Jquery with self hosted script

<script type=”text/javascript” src=” jquery.js “></script>

Jquery linked to the jquery website (CDN)

<script src=”” type=”text/javascript”></script>


So Why Should You Go For Local Copy of Jquery Instead from JQuery Website?

Hosting jQuery by your own is the best method which is recommended by many professional web developers, your website loads faster when use the self hosted jquery file as it uses the resource of its own server. You will have full access over locally hosted file which assures great reliability.

This applies not only for jquery but using any other similar libraries with self-hosted method is the good practice which keeps your website running even if library’s website goes down.

Reasons Why Should You Use Local Copy of jQuery Rather Than from JQuery Website 1
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