How to Protect Your BMW from Keyless Entry Hacking

Although car theft, in general, has been declining in recent years, a new type of car theft has actually been on the rise – keyless entry hacking. The theft of luxury vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes and Porsche using this technique is becoming increasingly common and is now a widespread problem.

What is keyless entry hacking?

In order to understand the best methods of theft prevention, we must first get to grips with what keyless entry hacking is. Knowledge is the first step towards combating the problem, so it is therefore highly important to understand the ways in which keyless entry hacking is used to steal cars so that we can find the best ways to address the issue.

BMW from Keyless Entry Hacking

So, how does keyless entry hacking work?

In the simplest terms, a thief amplifies the signal generated by your car’s key fob in order to then intercept it, using a relatively small handheld device. This then opens up the vulnerable connection between the car and the key fob. It is important to note that your key fob can be compromised remotely; even if it is secure in your house, that doesn’t guarantee it is safe from an attack such as this. Once the thief has gained access to your car, he can then plug a programmer into the diagnostics system to reprogram the security system, therefore giving himself complete control over your car.

Keyless entry and vehicle ignition systems are proving to be favourite targets among technology savvy criminals. Models of cars with this function enabled, from manufacturers including BMW, Porsche and Mercedes, are particularly susceptible. Many of these cars can easily be hacked electronically. If they aren’t properly secured and safeguarded, these systems can leave cars vulnerable to being illegally unlocked and can also become victim to a remote start of the engine, meaning that your car could be remotely hijacked and could be halfway across town before you even realise it is gone!

What are the best methods of theft prevention?

Luckily, there are a number of ways in which you can better protect your vehicle against this rapidly rising epidemic.

Even the simplest security measures can go a long way towards ensuring your vehicle’s safety. Some of these tips may seem obvious, but in actual fact, you would be surprised by how often they slip people’s minds.

The most obvious one is to always ensure that your car is locked whenever you leave it parked up anywhere. Check, double check and check again – you may feel silly pulling the door handle every time you stop, but it’s always much better to be safe than sorry. Another one we’re always told but still people don’t take notice of is to hide any personal belongings away out of sight. Bags, coats, wallets and satnav systems are massive targets for thieves, so minimise any temptation by stashing them out of sight in your boot or glove compartment.

It is also worth your while to consider installing a GPS tracking system in your car. High-quality security and GPS tracking systems will protect your vehicle from hackers and opportunists, as well as afford you a greater peace of mind. For the ultimate BMW theft prevention package, you should make sure that the GPS tracking system that you choose offers you round the clock monitoring, as well as the ability to remotely check up on your car’s location whenever you want. Extra protection for your vehicle’s onboard diagnostics system is also highly recommended, as thieves will find it much harder to steal your car if they can’t gain access to its diagnostics port for a remote start!

If you make sure to install a quality GPS tracking system and are following all of our top tips for theft prevention, your vehicle should automatically have an added layer of protection against the wave of keyless entry hacking. This winter, don’t be left out in the cold. Beat the thieves and make sure that your car stays yours.

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