Must Know Features of Android 4.2 with Videos

Google has recently unveiled the minor version of Android 4 i.e. Android 4.2. Android 4.2 has got many improvements especially for tablets. The recently released Google Nexus 4 mobile and Nexus 10 tablet comes pre-installed with Android 4.2. You can manually update your mobile with Android 4.2 if it supports, just go to Settings > About phone > Software updates option. Let’s have a look at the exciting new features of Android 4.2.

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Top Features of Android 4.2

Multiple user accounts

Now not only your PC has multiple user accounts but your android tablet also supports multiple users. This makes your entire family to use the tablet with their own user accounts with their own customized home screen, background, apps as well as widgets. Even games scores are individual for each account. This feature is only available in tablets.

Photo Sphere Mode

Android 4.2 brings the all new photo sphere mode that add additional power to your camera. It allows you to you to capture photos in up, down, right and left directions. Not only you can capture 360 degree panoramas but also share them on your Google+ photo album. Earlier some android users used to depend upon 3rd party apps such as Photaf or Wondershare Panorama for panoramic images but now android phones have got built-in panoramic camera.

Watch in Large Screen

Android 4.2 allows you to share movies or any on-screen stuffs on the HDMI-enabled TV using wireless display adapter. It makes you watch movies and videos on the large screen instead the small one of your mobile or tablet. You can use Cavium, Miracast wireless display adapter or any other similar adapters for better output.

Gesture Recognition Keyboard

Gesture recognition keyboard of Android is cool, it is similar to Swype input method, just move on your finger on the keys and lift your finger once the word gets finish. The keyboard app also suggests next word to make your work easier.

Enhanced Notification

Notification is enhanced and is now displays all the notification in one place. You will get notified for your events or meetings along with actions you could take for respective work.

Faster and Smoother Than Ever Before

Not only 4.2 but the jelly bean beginning from 4 itself serves fast and smooth performance compared to the older versions of Android. Vishwambhar has covered this topic with detailed information in his post, check it out.

Must Know Features of Android 4.2 with Videos 1
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