Online Faxing-How Sending Online Fax Saves Time?

Online faxing is eco-friendly and also saves money. One more significant advantage of this method is that it also saves your precious time.  In any field time is money and to stay on top of your field you need to use time efficiently. Using methods which cut down wastage of time have to be used. Online faxing is one such method where you can save time, money and also be nature friendly. In the previous blog post “How does Online or Internet Fax Service work?” we saw what happens when we send an online faxing and its advantages.

In the following blog post let’s see how we can save time using online faxing. Let us examine various steps in both traditional and online method.

Steps in traditional faxing

  • Take a hard copy of fax to be sent.
  • Walk to the fax machine in case it is being used by multiple users.
  • Dial the fax number of recipient
  • Place document in the machine.
  • Finally send the fax.

Above procedure takes at least 7-8 minutes per fax sent.

Steps in online faxing

This method takes only around a minute per fax.

Online Faxing and Trivial Fax-Comparison
Online and Trivial Fax-Comparison

Now, you can make out the difference between amount of time taken by Online Faxing and traditional method. Definitely the online faxing is fast and also saves printing paper and ink. Also sorting and organization of digital soft copies of documents is much easier than doing the same with hard copies. Reproducing hard copies again takes more time than that of soft copies. Any person who understands the value of time, definitely visualizes the time which can be saved in redundant methods and can be used for some other useful work.

Final thoughts

Online faxing is much more advantageous than the trivial one. One can save ample amount of time, money and resources. Cost of printing papers, ink and power used by the traditional fax machine is cut down. And in situations where fax is sent periodically, lot of time is saved which dominantly is money for any business in today’s world.