Use Whatsapp’s New Disappearing Messages Feature- All You Ought To Know!

WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned instant messaging platform, has affirmed the new exciting disappearing messages WhatsApp feature. The WhatsApp users can enable/disable the disappearing messages WhatsApp features on their phones. The disappearing messages WhatsApp feature, once enabled, will administer a 7 days life to all the messages sent in individual or group chats, which further would vanish, on its own(of course, conditions applied).

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Disappearing Messages WhatsApp Feature- Detailed!

The new feature will only be applicable to the messages sent or received after the feature is being rolled out.  The earlier transmitted messages will not see any effect of this feature. Furthermore, the messages that are stored in the Cloud, Google Drive, or any other backup storage, will see no impact of this feature, whatsoever. 

Additionally, as per WhatsApp, the feature will not hamper the messages that are forwarded by the users. 

While the individual WhatsApp users are permitted to enable the disappearing messages WhatsApp feature on their individual chats, WhatsApp will only empower the admin of a group to enable or disable the so-called feature.  

The disappearing message feature will promptly delete the message after the seven days interval, even if a user does not open the same. However, the preview of that message might still linger in notifications until the App is opened.

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That said, if the auto-download feature is enabled on a phone, the media, including images, videos, etc. will be automatically saved on the device. That however sees no option of customization, and obviously cannot disappear, after any allocated time frame, aligned with this feature. 

When a user replies to any particular message, we see the initial message to be quoted. Eventually, with this feature deleting the message, the quoted text designated with the deleted message, might remain in the chat even after seven days.

Now, in the case of forwarded messages, when a disappearing message is forwarded to a chat with the disappearing feature disabled, the message will stay, untouched in the forwarded chat.

Well, the users can still backup the messages, take a screenshot, forward, copy or capture the content with another mobile to save the message, any which way, the control of the feature, and the messages solely are in the user’s hand. And Whatsapp clearly underlines this in the disclaimer 

Clear instructions, as to how to enable or disable this disappearing messages WhatsApp feature on various platforms like Android/iOS/Web/Desktop/KaiOS are detailed on the WhatsApp page

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Currently, this feature is lined up in the array of features that WhatsApp is rolling out alongside the WhatsApp Web, new storage management tools, new animated stickers, and other revised WhatsApp features

Use Whatsapp’s New Disappearing Messages Feature- All You Ought To Know! 1
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