Make Your Presentation More Appealing Using Slide Rocket Online Application

Could computing getting more and more spectrum in web 2.0. Web based applications are on new high. Now, lets take a look at a online alternative for Microsoft Power Point and its desktop counterparts. Yes, Slide Rocket allows users to create and edit PPT presentations online, running in flash. Although there are namely few similar online web applications, Slide Rocket is has much better and higher number of features at a reasonable subscription charge. Home Page

Slide Rocket comes in 3 packages. Lite, Pro and Enterprise. SlideRocket Lite offers a Free plan, limited to 250 MB/user and 15 MB file size limit with Email support. You can check the details about these plans here. Now, talking about the interface design of Slide Rocket, its simply clean and very professional and it’s incredibly user friendly too. And some of the features like PowerPoint Import, Importing Google Presentation, Exporting To PDF and Printing are simply amazing.

Slide Rocket also gives you in depth analytics of your public presentation and also allows you to insert Forms & Polls. The most interesting features to Narrate Slides With Audio is one of my favorite. And there are so many others features like Audio Recording And Synching, Private Invitations And Controls, Custom Html Invitations, Private Viewer Comments, Email Notifications. And you can even conduct Web Meetings in Slide Rocket.

If you’re using Google Apps you can add SlideRocket integration via the Google Apps Marketplace.

And Slide Rocket is packed with plenty more features, all which i didn’t cover here. So I’ve embed a video overview of Slide Rocket below. You can play it to know more about the much exciting features of Slide Rocket.

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Make Your Presentation More Appealing Using Slide Rocket Online Application 1
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