How to: Auto Toggle All Facebook Friends To Send “Suggest to Friends” on Fan Page

Are you fed-up of manually selecting list of friends while sending a Facebook face page "Suggest to friends" request? In this tutorial I'm going to show yu 2 simple tricks to automatically select all friends in the list while sending a fan page request to your friends. The first one is a simple JavaScript bookmarklet and the other one is the Google Chrome browser plugin.

You can use it when you "Invite People to Join" OR "Suggest to friends" (which you can find below the profile image of fanpage or group)

Using the JavaScript code in the web browser:

This is a simple code which you can use in almost any web browser (I hate IE). below is the simple code which you can copy and paste it in the browser URL and hit "Enter" while in the face page.

javascript:elms=document.getElementById('friends').getElementsByTagName('li');for(var fid in elms){if(typeof elms[fid] === 'object'){[fid]);}}



Google Chrome Browser plugin.

Here's the video tutorial to toggle all friends checked while sending a Facebook fan page request. you can download this plugin here

Do share your comments if you have found any other tricks to do the same on facebook.


  1. Fanpages have changed significantly. Now you no longer "suggest" them, you "share" them (don't ask me what the difference is). They have also turned off the ability to do the "select all" thing for those pages.

  2. New working version available here:

  3. @Shannon I'm sad that it didn't workout for you as expected. I think you should check in the Extensions manager and check if the plugin existing and if it exists, please check i it is active, it issue still persists, then please attempt disable other plugins one by one, it should work.

  4. javascript:fs.select_all(); in the browser after clicking "share with friends", then press enter. Will select all friends.

  5. Its a cool javascript for facebook users,if you have so many friends and going to suggest a fan page to your friends then you must use it.

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