Magic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Saving Your Time & Efforts

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the ability to improve the communication and information exchange. AI involves a complex study combination of various fields including math, computer science, and other hard sciences. It works not only within the societies but even across. AI aids almost every computational process. Not only does it help the medical researchers but also beats humans in lots of games and expands the transportation facilities. And it even makes your phone smarter. There are chances of catastrophic failures and also economic damage but it also empowers us to be more productive, efficient and perform tasks hassle free.

Artificial Intelligence

AI technology isn’t just about robotics. It’s making inroads into diverse areas of our life. There’s a real-world version of AI that’s focused on machine learning. It’s more for taking inputs and using them to create & improve algorithms for its performance.

Prioritize Meetings with the help of Artificial Intelligence

Finding that perfect hour in our busy schedules especially a schedule that works for all others is a huge hassle. Planning a meeting becomes difficult as there are a lot of calendars/ records to check.

Ultimate options we have got for you! Companies like “” are developing such AI systems that help you get things scheduled. Their program named Amy, emails the meeting schedules to everyone important.

Amy Artificial Intelligence Website

It essentially acts like a Personal Assistant who schedules all your meetings. Such a trouble-free process it is! All that you need to do is just ‘CC’ Amy on the specific email and she’ll take care of all the rest. Amy will easily email the respondents and also creating a calendar invite to be sent out to everyone involved.

Save time on emails!

Google’s impressive Inbox app is something you have to try. It exactly shows the way that AI is making emails smarter. With an option called “Smart Reply,” you can make use of the offered quick responses – Thoughts, What do you think, and Ok, thanks for the info.

Such little things save a tremendous amount of your time. Just opt for the reply according to the email with a single click at the bottom and you are done. And for those emails that demand a little more thinking, these responses give you a jump start to respond in a right away. The more you use the Smart Reply feature, the more it learns about your habits and ideally starts reflecting the emails you actually want to send.

Smart Reply Artificial Intelligence

You can also try Boomerang for this purpose. It’s an extension/ add-on for Gmail. It now includes a feature called “Respondable“. This actually absorbs information from a million of examined emails and lets you know the probability of response your email is likely to get. It follows a number of factors like the subject length, content word count, the question count, and even the positivity maintained to analyze the email.

Boomerang Email Artificial Intelligence

To put in simple terms, Boomerang tells you if the receiver of your email is likely to email you back or not.

How about getting a Personal Assistant?

The Artificial Intelligence that we are most familiar with is everywhere around us. AI’s like Siri, Google Now, and Cortana are those basic systems. They can learn about your habits, requests, and movements, to provide the most valuable information possible.

There are a number of other exciting assistants existing and also being developed. For example, the team behind Siri is now working on an assistant named Viv. It is not just another AI, but an entire platform for all the creators to build upon.

VIV Artificial Intelligence

Another highly ranked personal assistant despite its flat name is really impressive and called “Assistant“. It recognizes the natural language, discovers your habits and favorite services, and interestingly it can even tell you jokes.

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